next:letter #15 - “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.”

nextpedition Module 1
Hi there!

"What does it take to enter & stay in the unknown?"

Trust. Openness. Radical Honesty. There are many answers to this question, and the 21 participants of our learning lab next:pedition experienced some this week in Amsterdam (find out more on Facebook).

The entire learning journey is about How to transform yourself in order to be able to catalyse transformation in organisations. Participant Marcus from London took some time in Malaga to invite the three next:guides Gerald, Matthias & Gerhard to an in-depth reflection. Listen to the full audio-interview in this blogpost!

If you're interested in pratical insights to self-organization in a corporate environment, check out this new blog-series by Klaus of Deutsche Telekom. Also, feel free to join the next Holacracy Practitioners Meetup by Xsolve in Poland or virtually! Details below :-)

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 Welcome @ dG! 

"Creating and holding rooms in which individuals, teams and organizations can unfold their highest potential, is what I am aiming for every day." That's why we're really glad that Andreas Wecker just joined dG! He already rocked the stage at the iOB Conference last week and will continue to do so :-)

Selbstorganisation (c) Klaus Polley

 3x3 Buzzword Bingo! 

Digitalization, Self-Organisation, Transformation... Look at all those fancy words! ;-) To help you navigate the beehive of buzz, we curated a hand-picked selection of links, resources and tips. Feedback welcome!


1. Digitalisierung und das agile Kaninchen...

Bald ist Ostern! Dazu passend war das Thema der 4. Tagung der internen Organisationsberatung (iOB) vorige Woche in Wien das "digitale Wunderland": Wohin führt uns das agile Kaninchen? Dieser Video-Rückblick bietet einige Eindrücke - die nächste Chance für einen ExpertInnen-Austausch gibt es bei der HR-Konferenz "Power of People" im April... Wo auch Matthias & Marion von dwarfs & Giants vor Ort sein werden :-)

2. Selbstorganisation: Ganz...

Klaus Polley von der Deutschen Telekom teilt in seiner aktuellen Blog-Reihe auf LinkedIn seine ganz konkreten Erfahrungen mit Selbstorganisation im Konzernumfeld. Wer sich mit ihm persönlich darüber austauschen möchte, hat dazu die Chance beim Holacracy Einführungsworkshop "Spezial" für Konzerne am 3.5. in München!

3. ... oder gar nicht?

Auch Holacracy hat Gegenstimmen, das ist nicht überraschend. Dieser kritische Essay über das "Scheitern eines Betriebssystems" (von 2016) argumentiert u.a., "die Trennung von Rolle und Person löst keine Beziehungsprobleme." Und da stimmen wir zu! Deshalb gibt es auch beim deutschsprachigen Holacracy Practitioner Training einen Methoden-Block zu Themen im Beziehungsraum. Nächste Chance: Zürich, Juni 2018!


1. Why So Many High-Profile Digital Transformations Fail

Because: "Digital is not just a thing that you can you can buy and plug into the organization. It is multi-faceted and diffuse, and doesn’t just involve technology. Digital transformation is an ongoing process of changing the way you do business..." Find out more at

2. Are you reinventing your organisation?

You have some tension, that something could work better, and you are looking for a solution? Let's meet, let's talk, let's learn something from each other, let's inspire! Simply join the next Holacracy Practitioners Meetup, hosted by Xsolve in Poland - there will also be a Live-Stream if you want to connect virtually :-)

3. A new approach for understanding

When so many of the problems we face on personal and global stages are due to a lack of understanding, and many of the challenges we face are calling for paradigm shifts, we need to turn old methods on their heads in order to reveal new paths to problem solving... More about "Creative Tensions" on Medium!

 Wanted: "Wildcard Designer" (m/f)! 

We’re looking for an exceptional designer with an agile and curious mind. Willing to co-create prototypes of different levels together with us and with our clients. Thanks for sharing our job description and posts on Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter!
nextpedition Module 1 - Group work

 Learning is tough work. 

Because it also means trespassing your limits!

Don't be afraid, baby - seize the next learning opportunities for self-organization in our upcoming events:

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