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2nd Organizational Evolution Forum in Shanghai
dG Workshop on Dynamic Strategizing in Shanghai, 4.-5. Nov. 2018
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What happens if you put 30 organizational change experts from Chinese and global companies in a room with two dwarfs? They start reshaping the future of work! 💕 Gerhard and Sascha of dG sent some amazing insights from the 2nd Organizational Evolution Forum in Shanghai (more pics on Facebook!):

"We are deeply impressed and have the feeling that we have observed a very special event. There have been 400 participants from several Chinese companies at the forum, talking about selforganization, distributed authority and creating purpose-driven organizations in China. It seems that a powerful and bold movement towards #teal and #nextland in China has already started."

Join the movement with today's selection of links, learnings, events & more!

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 Read this: 

💣 A radically different approach to clarifying roles in a matrix setup
Check out Gerald's new blogpost on the Hitchhiker's Guide to next:land!

🙈 9 Decision Types You Should Know
Because lack of clarity around how decisions are made can lead to confusion...

🙏 How to run a calm workplace
... to get productivity instead of 'interruption factories'.

🎈 Stop being "nice and polite"
Go for tough conversations and honest, productive feedback instead!

🥦 Is holacracy the future of work... or a management cult?
This long read by Quartz explores Brian's evolution and also talked to Ewa of dG about trust in self-management.

 next:pedition Discovery Session - Final Call! 

Shaping the future of work - are you in? :-) Join our next:pedition Discovery Session on November 19 in Vienna and find out if this intense learning journey is for YOU!

 Building trust in an Agile environment... 

Agile Leadership Lab Graz
... takes longer than just a sprint! That's why we are hosting the first Agile Leadership Lab with Monika, Gregor & Bernhard in Graz: "Today we are working with our self-developed 'Agile Leadership Canvas', which allows participants to make a diagnosis for their own organization. Tomorrow we will set up experiments!" (More pics on Facebook.) You're want to get into agility, too? Join our 2-day workshop on Agile Work Methods in February 2019

 Bye bye, reality... 

Dou you still believe there is one, valid, true reality? Well, think again: Because reality emerges from dialogue. That's one essence of systemic theory, and the very foundation of our work to rewrite the future of organization. Ready to change your worldview, to experience a new attitude on how to transform your organization? Join this deep dive in Systemic Transformation Theory with us in January & March 2019!

 Holacracy & Purpose video course now live 

Stefan Faatz-Ferstl auf NeuKurs
Yay, the online video course by Stefan Faatz-Ferstl (dG) & Barbara Inmann (Impact Hub Vienna) about Holacracy & Purpose is now live! Available now for NeuKurs-members or with a learning package, consisting of 12 short videos with micro-learnings about self-organization. For more hands-on learning types, check out our upcoming trainings:

 Digital Transformation... in "reality" ;-) 

Digital Transformation by
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