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  1. New Aids to Promote Your Certification
  2. Easier CME Entry and Review for MOC Requirements
  3. AVLS Congress 2019
  4. Board of Directors News
  5. 2019 New Diplomates

New Aids to Promote Your Certification

The ABVLM is providing two new and cost-free items to assist you in making your Diplomate status more broadly known and easily recognized.

DABVLM as an Appellation

Legal counsel affirmed that the appellation of DABVLM is not being used in any states, so we can use it to represent Diplomate, American Board of Venous & Lymphatic Medicine. Some diplomates may already be using this; however, we encourage all diplomates to add this appellation after MD, DO, or any other appellations they have earned.

For example, it might read:

John Q. Diplomate, MD, RPVI, DABVLM

You may start to use the appellation of DABVLM immediately. It has been added to Wikipedia, and you are encouraged to add it to other “abbreviation websites” that you may encounter, or you can inform ABVLM staff of the lists and they will contact the website.

Digital Badge for your Website and Other Media Uses

There is now a web page where you can create and download your own Digital Badge to promote your ABVLM Certification. As you may know, the use of the ABVLM Logo by diplomates is prohibited per ABVLM Policy.

The Board is providing free access to all diplomates to create a “personalized badge” that they can use on their own website or elsewhere in lieu of the ABVLM logo. A sample of the badge is shown below. There are both PDF and JPG options.

Instructions to create and download the free digital badge are accessible online now in the Diplomates Only area of the ABVLM website. You can login using the same email address at which you are receiving this newsletter, and there is a Forgot Password option if needed.  Select Graphical Certification Badge from the menu on the right-side of the page.

Please contact HQ Staff if you have any questions or problems creating a PDF or JPG badge.

Easier CME Entry and Review for MOC Requirements

The Board has streamlined the CME data entry process for diplomates to record their (on average) 10 hours of VLM-related CME required per year.

Formerly, there were several detailed entry fields required. Now there are only three! A sample completed entry form looks like this:

Reporting of your VLM-related CME is on the honor system, however you should retain supporting documentation for 3 years in case there are any questions. To report your CME, please review the CME Resources page on the ABVLM website. Note that CME is self-reported. ABVLM does not receive or import any CME data from other organizations, such as AVLS, AVF, Venous Symposium, etc.

As was mailed to diplomates in early 2019, the board is in the process of transitioning the CME cycles to be 20 hours every 2 years, per the CMEs Required by Year chart. Diplomates are required to report their VLM-related CME at the minimum level specified in the chart. The board will review exceptions on a case-by-case basis, however the stated requirement of (on average) 10 CMEs per year is a requirement for ongoing certification.

There is a convenient, personalized CME Status Dashboard located in the Diplomates Only area of the website. Please use the dashboard to review your status of CMEs reported against the requirements. CMEs will be reviewed by staff periodically for compliance. Non-compliance could result in suspension of certification.

Note that up to 5 hours of the average 10 hours per year for CME can be Category 2 CME, which is generally “easier” to earn than Category 1 CME. Also, while CME is expected to generally be in the area of VLM, up to 3 hours of a 20-hour CME cycle can be related to general, non-clinical medical practice (such as patient safety, quality improvement, billing, etc.).

PLEASE LOG IN AND REVIEW YOUR CME REPORTING STATUS. If you have questions on your CME reporting after logging in and reviewing the online materials, please contact the HQ Staff.

AVLS Congress Phoenix: Know Before You Go

ACP Congress

Are you attending the American Vein & Lymphatic Sociey’s 33rd Annual Congress in Phoenix Arizona? If so, here are important aspects of the AVLS Congress for ABVLM Diplomates.

If you haven't registered but intend to, note the 10% Off discount code for ABVLM Diplomates in this article.

Be Recognized for your Achievement

You worked hard to earn your ABVLM diplomate status, so let’s celebrate it!  If you don't receive an ABVLM Diplomate ribbon in your registration packet, please either ask the AVLS Staff for one, or stop by the ABVLM Booth in the Exhibit Hall. We’re in booth #519.

Do you still have your ABVLM Lapel Pin? Why not bring it and wear it at the Congress? If you can’t find it, stop by the ABVLM Booth to get a replacement pin!

Also, be recognized from the podium! On Friday, November 8 at the AVLS Business Meeting (5:30 p.m.), we anticipate we will be presenting a brief ABVLM Update and ask the ABVLM Diplomates in the audience to rise to be recognized.

Stop by the Booth During the Day, and Encourage Others

Did you know the ABVLM booth has two banners with all diplomate names, over 850 of them, listed on a “Wall of Fame”? Please stop by, see your name, take a picture for your social media feeds, or to send to folks back home.

As always, if you have colleagues who have yet to certify in Venous & Lymphatic Medicine, please show them the ABVLM flyer in the Congress Registration packet and have them stop by the ABVLM Booth during one of the three lunch sessions: Thursday-Saturday from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., or at Thursday’s Opening Night Reception from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Discount Code for AVLS Congress Registration

The AVLS Leadership has offered ABVLM Diplomates a special 10% Off the Regular Congress Rate. So if you missed the “early registration,” here’s an opportunity to save and still attend.

Special Discount Code through October 31, 2019: ABVLM2019

Staff and the entire volunteer leadership look forward to seeing you in Phoenix. We hope you will encourage others to support our specialty and our patients by becoming VLM certified in April 2020.


Board of Directors News

The ABVLM Board welcomes two new directors: Dr. Vineet Mishra and Dr. Lori L. Pounds.

Dr. Vineet Mishra
Dr. Mishra, a dermatologist by training, is faculty at Scripps Clinic in the department of Dermatology and Vascular Surgery, Division of Mohs Surgery. He is also Adjunct Associate Clinical Professor of Dermatology at UC-San Diego. Dr. Mishra serves on the Editorial Board of the Phlebology journal, and is also a director on the Foundation for Venous & Lymphatic Disease.

Dr. Lori L. PoundsDr. Pounds is Professor of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery at the UT Health Science Center, where she is also Program Director of their Vascular Surgery Fellowship. She also serves as Chief of Vascular Surgery at the Audie L. Murphy Veterans Hospital.

Recently re-elected to the Board are the organizational directors from the American Vein & Lymphatic Society and the American Venous Forum, Dr. Kathleen D. Gibson and Dr. Tony Gasparis, respectively.

Leaving the board after years of service are Dr. Lisa Amatangelo, who continues to serve on ABVLM committees, and Dr. Armen Roupenian, who is enjoying his retirement. We thank them both for their extensive service on the Board of Directors and on committees of the ABVLM.

The full listing of the current directors can found on the Board of Directors page, and former directors are listed on this page.

Welcome and Congratulations to Our 2019 New Diplomates

Congratulations to the ABVLM Diplomates listed below who passed the 2019 exam (88% pass rate) or had been Board Eligible and have now earned Diplomate status. There are now 857 physicians who have achieved ABVLM Diplomate status since the program's inception in 2008.

Proudly introducing the Class of 2019

Ajay N. Amarnani, MD
Sahar Amery, MD
Thomas K. Barlow, DO
Alexander Carlyle Batchev, DO
David R. Buckwalter, MD
Nelson Chavarria, MD
Richard Dubois, MD
Mark Steven Elliott, MD
Abdul Kader Ezeldin, MD
Kevin Douglas Fradkin, MD
Aditya Gupta, MD
Ahmed A. Habib, MD
H. Andrew Hansen, II, MD
Kyle Andrew Herron MD
Adam Isadore, MD
Harold Jaimes, MD
Anil Kumar, MD
    Blazej Lojewski, MD
Sarah Pradka Lucas, MD
Gordon D. Lutchman MD
Mark Macumber, MD
Ron Mark, MD
Puneet Mishra, MD
Elie Moussallem, MD
Raguveer Murthy, MD
Caroline Novak, MD
Joseph Maduaburochukwu Okolo, MD
Golta Rasouli, MD
Juan Carlos Rozo MD
William Benjamin Schoenfeld, MD
Mike G. Sebastian, MD
Douglas A. Ward, MD
Suman M. Wasan, MD
Yang Xia, MD
The ABVLM utilizes criterion-referenced testing rather than norm-referenced testing to determine passing scores. Criterion-referenced testing is based on the concept that candidates should be measured against the knowledge represented in each test question, while a norm-referenced test would indicate whether the test-taker did better or worse than other candidates. A criterion-referenced test is used to determine a candidate's level of knowledge in relation to a well-defined domain of content. Theoretically, all test takers could pass (or fail) such an exam.

Test equating methodologies are used such that a candidate would have an equal chance of passing, assuming their knowledge base is the same, regardless of the year they take the exam.

All ABVLM exams undergo rigorous psychometric evaluation by Measurement, Inc. The 2019 exam consisted of 200 multiple-choice items, of which 184 were scored.  The examination was then analyzed and had a candidate separation reliability of 0.83, which suggests it sufficiently distinguished among candidate abilities.

Please check your own ABVLM Diplomate listing in the Online Physician Lookup database.

If there are changes, you can make them yourself! Just login as an ABVLM Diplomate. Need help? Contact the HQ Office.



Phone: (877) 699-4114

AVLS 33rd Annual Congress
November 7-10, 2019
Phoenix, AZ
Program Information

AVF 32nd Annual Meeting
March 3-6, 2020
Amelia Island, FL
Program Information

SIR 45th Annual Scientific Meeting
March 28 - April 2, 2020
Seattle, WA
Program Information

SVM 31st Annual Scientific Sessions
June 11 -13, 2020
Denver, CO
Program Information


ABVLM Board of Directors

Steven E. Zimmet, MD, RPVI, RVT, FACPh

Robert J. Min, MD, MBA, FACPh, FSIR
Vice President

Anthony J. Comerota, MD, FACS, FACC, RVT


Carl Black, MD

Teresa L. Carman, MD, RPVI

Antonios P. Gasparis, MD, FACS

Kathleen D. Gibson, MD

Neil M. Khilnani, MD, FACPh

Fedor Lurie, MD, PhD, RPVI, RVT

Vineet Mishra, MD

Lori L. Pounds, MD, RVT, FACS

Stanley G. Rockson, MD, FACP, FACC

Mel Rosenblatt, MD, FACPh

Julianne Stoughton, MD, FACS

Suman M. Wasan, MD, MS, RVT, FACP, FSVM

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