Vol. 8 - November 4, 2016
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Thank you to all who attended the BOS meeting with Eversource last Wednesday.  We had close to 1,000 people in attendance - an incredible show of force and unity by the community. Over the next months you will see calls for action as well as detailing next steps. Both what the PS organization will do as well as what the larger PS community can do. This fight is a process and has many moving parts. All angles of attack are important as this will play out in the legal court as well as in the court of public opinion. NO effort is too small! 
Ted Wynne uneccesary + lipstick
Think letter writing is unimportant? You could not be more wrong. Letter writing and phone calls to our elected officials keep us top of mind and bother the top brass at Eversource. What could be better? :-) Letter writing campaigns are also what has led to our meetings with our state Senators Eldridge and Barrett, as well as the recent support letters from Senator Warren and Ed Markey.   Little things have a major impact when thousands of people act in concert as you saw at the BOS meeting at LS. Current letter writing campaigns are here:
There is STILL (if you can believe it) an educational component going on - we don't rest until every person in Sudbury over the age of 12 knows about, and understands the issue, so as a start - share the outreach video!  It is an easy way to share our story in 3 short minutes! 
Protect Sudbury Outreach

Many have generously contributed to the legal fund. Thank you! Some in the community were waiting so see if we had a chance - which we do! Or were waiting to see if we knew what we were doing - which we do! Or were waiting to understand the issue better - which we expect has happened for many after that meeting! If you know anyone who was waiting to contribute to the PS Legal fund for any reason - please invite them to do so today. Now is the time. The project plan is set to go to the siting board in December. 
"The evening of October 26th brought applause, laughs, boos, and children on stage; Eversource was the antagonist, the community was the chorus. On a weeknight evening with several high profile competing events, Eversource came to Sudbury to present to the Board of Selectmen in an open meeting..."

Be sure to read our latest blog entry, "It Ain't Over Til The Fat Lady Sings"

Kudos to EVERYONE in our community for putting Eversource on their heels and delaying the project almost 9 months! They were expected to file in April of this year. We ALL put a stop to that. Protect Sudbury is paying legal bills now, and making strategic decisions with an eye to what funds we have left.  Funds go to hiring and prepping experts as well as research. Thank you for any and all efforts you make to help get 100% participation in the community.

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