I have a higher destiny and this must be it.

As this Kickstarter for my first picture book continues, I have been thinking about everything that has led to this moment.  I have told you why I want to do picture books but it's not just a genuine desire.

I always felt that I'm meant for something greater in this world.

Perhaps to illustrate my point, I want to tell you a story and it's about one of the most vivid dreams I ever had.  It was during sometime in the sixth grade that would have been 1991 or 1992; I can't remember when exactly but that dream I had was so powerful that it remains with me to this day.

I was with some of my classmates in a bookstore not unlike that one from the 1984 movie The Neverending Story.  With me was Charles, BJ, David and...David (that was a popular boys name in the 1980s and 1990s).  We were all casually browsing the many old books in the store and spotted an old book laying closed on a podium.  The book resembled a Bible.  The only one of my party who had the courage to approach the strange book was Charles.  I tried to stop him but it was no use...

Charles opened the book on the podium and we were all bathed in this bright white light.  It blinded us and nobody could tell what was happening. 

When the light cleared and we regained our vision, the five of us were in this strange world.  There was nothing but clouds or fog at our feet and I saw nothing but endless blue sky surrounding us.  Then some loud booming voice started to speak to us.  I can't remember the words that the voice said but I watched David, BJ, David and Charles one by one leave me.  The four of them walked towards the direction of the voice; one by one, they faded away as if vanishing into thin air.  The last one was Charles who turned to look at me, waved goodbye and then stepped forward to vanish as the others did.

I tried to walk in the direction of the voice after my classmates but was commanded to stop.  The unknown voice told me I had to go back to Earth because I was not finished there.  I was told that I had a great destiny to fulfill and was not ready to join the others who went before.

What's the point of you knowing of that dream?  It is meant to prove my point.

I really believe I always was meant for something higher; there is a great destiny for me.

I never believed I was meant to be an ordinary person.  My destiny wasn't meant to be an office worker, a cashier, a civil servant and so on.  I felt that I was meant to do something creative...and picture books could be it!  All my training with drawing practice and making comics makes me suited for drawing children's books.

This Kickstarter is not just about getting a picture book made.  It's not just about succeeding with the plan I've made since November 2019.  It is about fulfilling the greater destiny I know that I have.

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