A challenge before and a challenge now.

It's been awhile.  My mailing list has been on "power saver" for a while and is now shifting to low power mode.  

That's because I have a new Kickstarter coming up but this one is different.  It is for my first picture book, Hilda & Richie's Sticky Adventure, and it is set for a launch in January 2021.  This will be a challenge as the goal will be higher this time; I'm estimating it to be US$3000.  That's three times the goal of my last one!

But it's not the first time I did such a challenge.  Hilda & Richie, a vixen and a fox pup, were created back in 2010.  As for the idea for a picture book for children?  That had been floating around in my head for a long time.  I own a copy of the Mort Gerberg book, Cartooning: the Art & the Business.  He had a section in there about drawing picture books and how cartoonists were excellent for doing them - they draw in a funny manner and their ideas communicate instantly on the page.

Back in 2016 after I reading some instructional books on how to create children's picture books, I decided to take a shot.  I had Hilda & Richie just lying around doing nothing - why not put them in a book?  So after some lengthy work, I did a draft of Hilda & Richie's first picture book and posted it online.

It was a disaster.  Why?  I got NO reaction at all.  Nobody said anything, not even insults about how awful my work was.  At least that would have been something.

I don't know where I had gone wrong so I set the weak first draft aside and kept on drawing.  I was dejected...but deep down, I knew I could not just give up.

Lots of work went into producing a second manuscript.  It was stronger than the first one...but again, it got little reaction.  The second version of Hilda & Richie was only marginally better.

This was around the time I had done two successful Kickstarters and thought that I could crowdfund this book.  But I feared the quality of Hilda & Richie.  The last thing I wanted to do was successfully crowdfund a print run of books...only to have my backers say "hey - this book sucks!"

Anyone else would have been discouraged...but not me.  I swallowed my pride and chose to hire a book doctor to look over the script and the artwork.  I was told clearly the whole book was a mess and the art was lousy.

Some may have warned me to quit there.  I didn't.  I listened to the editing, went back over everything and produced something better.  But it still wasn't good enough.  It took two more passes before a presentable version of Hilda & Richie was made, one that could be finalized into a book.

Anyone else would have given up.  Anyone else would have just got demoralized.  But not me.

I swore to product this book and also fund it on Kickstarter.  And I aim just to do that.

Watch for Hilda & Richie's Sticky Adventure coming to Kickstarter on Jan. 6, 2021.  Until next time!
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