Remember my picture book? GAME ON!!

Currently, my mailing list is on low power made...and so is my general life with the pandemic.  In fact, as you read this, I am somewhat sad.  I was supposed to be taking a trip to South Dakota, to the central part (the state capital of Pierre) and to the western part of the state, where you find Mount Rushmore and the Badlands.  That would have made for good photographs and inspiration for Poison Ivy Gulch.

Alas, I'm working at home on my comics and other things.  But it's not my comics I want to tell you about - it's other things and that would be my planned picture book.

As you may know, I have a draft for a children's picture book titled Hilda & Richie.  The title characters are a pair of cartoon red foxes living in the fictional country of Foxland.  I wrote and illustrated a basic draft back in 2017.  It fell by the wayside as I worked on my comics.  Now with crowdfunding being in my grasp, this book becoming a reality is now going to happen.  

My current plans involve crowdfunding the book via Kickstarter in January.  However, in order to make the book presentable, it needs an overhaul.  I've been typing a whole new second draft and once that is finished, new thumbnail art will be drawn in colored pencil and pencil.

This has presented me with a challenge however.  I draw comics and that is just me.  It's not unusual for comics to be entirely created by one person, especially with the small press.  Literature - be it a novel, a literary magazine or a children's book - needs more quality control however.  There's tons of self-published material that is that way for a reason; much of it is awful. 

The last thing I want to do is crowdfund a picture book, get the final product into the hands of backers and then hear them say "Hey!  This book sucks!"

To that end, I need a book doctor.  That is a professional who often reviews books of many kinds for content, proofreading, grammar and clarity.  Thanks to a contact out there, I was able to line one up who will be reviewing the second Hilda & Richie draft.  That will happen in late May.  

Therefore, work on the second draft is kicking into high gear.  

As a reminder, Hilda & Richie do exist in the Sunnyville universe and there will be a crossover too where the characters meet.

Tune into the Hilda & Richie blog for more news on the development.  I will let everyone know about the Kickstarter when the time comes; my plans are to officially announce it sometime in June.

That's it for now.  Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more comics fun with me!
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