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Changes when moving goods in and out of the UK from 1st January 2022 

On 12.01am on 1st January 2022, additional rules and procedures have come into force that will affect all UK importers and exporters moving goods between the EU and beyond. 

Dorset Chamber are at the forefront of supporting businesses navigating these changes. We are here to ensure businesses remain in the know with what to expect, and more importantly, how to prepare your business. 

Changes include: 

The end of delayed declarations: 

From the 1st January 2021, importers were allowed 175 days before the full (supplementary) import declaration needed to be submitted, VAT and duty (if any) to be paid. For shipments from 1st January 2022, all declarations must now be submitted prior to the goods reaching the UK.  

Shipments in 2021 where an import declaration has not been made can still be completed and must be submitted by June 2022. 

Rules of Origin: 

From the 1st January 2021, the EU and UK customs authorities agreed that they would not request proof of origin for goods. This changed on 1st January 2022. All exporters and importers must be able to prove the original manufacturing country for the goods they are shipping. Furthermore, they will be able to retrospectively request proof for goods that were shipped during 2021. 

REX – Invoice Statements – Declaration of Origin: 

If you are importing goods into the UK from a country or bloc with whom we have a free trade agreement (FTA), your overseas supplier will need to declare the goods originated in their country. Each FTA will have an official notification in the documentation. It could be a statement on the invoice, a Certificate of Origin, a preferential trade certificate, a supplier’s declaration, a trusted trader status (Registered Exporter (REX), Approved Exporter (AE) or Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)) or the goods originate in a GSP country. Whatever it is, you as the importer of record must show HMRC that you have done sufficient due diligence to prove the goods you are importing meet FTA preference rules. 

As this is a new chapter in our relationship with the EU, from 1st January 2022 all suppliers from Europe must have a REX authorisation. The REX registered number must be shown on their Commercial Invoice for the goods to enter the UK duty free. Any goods arriving at the UK customs border point without the REX authorisation number will have an import duty charge if the products’ commodity code carries duty. 

It is important that all businesses bring this to the attention of all their EU suppliers. It is very easy to get REX authorisation and it is free. UK companies exporting to the EU should continue to put the officially worded origin declaration on their commercial invoices. For the rest of the world UK-EUR1 preferential trade certificates, Certificates of Origin, invoice statement declarations, long term supplier’s declarations or a trusted trader status (REX, AE, AEO) etc will be used to prove origin.  

Products of Animal Origin (POAO), Sanitary and Phytosanitary products: 

Sanitary products are for animal health, and certification is required to determine the health of the animals. A Phytosanitary certificate is for Plants and Fauna. These are referred to as SPS checks. POAO relates mainly to the food chain sector, however it also includes other industry sectors such as products from leather, gelatine, etc. 

From 1st January 2022, UK importers of Products of Animal Origin, animal by-products, high-risk food, and feed not of animal origin, must pre-notify UK import authorities of incoming consignments. Shipments coming from the EU or European Economic Area must pre-notify UK import authorities before the consignment is due to arrive in Great Britain. 

Importing POAO into the UK  

From 1st January 2022, UK importers must be registered with IPAFFS (Import of Products, Animals, Food, and Feed System) and are responsible for the import. They must have a UK address and are responsible for submitting the pre-notification of incoming consignments with the attached EHC via IPAFFS before the consignment is due to arrive. IPAFFS is a web-based service used to notify UK authorities of imports of live animals, their products, and germplasm.

Foreign Exchange Service 

Dorset Chamber of Commerce has partnered with global foreign exchange and international payment experts, moneycorp. 

Dorset Chamber members can access a bespoke FX and international payments service such as; 

  • Preferential exchange rates  
  • Zero international payment fees*  
  • Free FX audit  
  • Multiple currency holding accounts when you open your moneycorp account  
  • A dedicated account manager for expert market guidance and hedging strategy 

ChamberCustoms Webinar 

Brexit, Borders and Trade – Tuesday 15th February 2022 

A year after the impact of Brexit was first felt by business that import and export goods. 
A year after the impact of Brexit was first felt by business that import and export goods those attending the session will learn the results of our latest survey. We will reflect on the output and results and share what members are telling us about their experience on the ground. We will share our reflections on how businesses have had to adapt to a whole new set of border controls and a look forward at a new era of for UK Trade Deals and what they could mean for businesses in Great Britain. 


New rules for international road haulage in 2022

Prepare for new rules for transporting goods to or through Europe using cars and trailers, vans and HGVs from 2 February and 21 May 2022. 

There will be new rules for transporting goods to or through Europe from 2022. The rules are part of the UK’s deal with the EU. 

The new rules will affect you if you transport goods using: 

  • cars and trailers 
  • vans or other light goods vehicles (for example, if you run a European courier  service) 
  • heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) 

The new rules mean that you might need: 

  • to register some journeys within Europe on an online service from 2 February 2022 
  • a vehicle operator licence if you use vans or car and trailers to transport goods to or through Europe from 21 May 2022 
Thursday 17th March | 9.00am - 7.00pm

Careers & Apprenticeship Show | Bournemouth International Centre

This unique event enables employers to engage with students across all schools in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole aged 15-19 who are investing in their future careers. This offers businesses the opportunity to showcase both their business and their sector, and importantly, engage with future possible apprentices. 
The show will offer the opportunity to engage with teachers, parents and carers as well as students at one single large event. You’ll also be able to network and meet with other businesses attending. 

What we can do for your business:

> International Trade services include certification of export documents, customs compliance and formal training

> Are you experiencing issues with importing or exporting or wanting to increase exports/reach new markets? We’d be happy to help
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