The Exeter Cycling Campaign June update
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The Exeter Cycling Charter is now live!

Will you play a part in getting organisations pledging their support for the Charter?

The Charter is a simple statement of support for cycling as a means of making Exeter a better city.  

It outlines the benefits that cycling can bring to our city and has been framed as something that businesses, schools, the health sector, shops and individuals can readily support. 

Have a look at the Charter here.

You can find out more about the Charter in our supporter briefing here.

Part of the Exeter Cycling Campaign's strategy is to persuade our leaders in our Councils and Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) that there is a wide consensus across Exeter for investing in cycling.

There are already hundreds of individuals supporting the campaign, highlighting the need for a better cycling infrastructure across Exeter. 

The Charter gives Exeter organisations the chance to express their support for cycling.  It gives organisations the opportunity to say how they value cycling for their business, staff, pupils, patients and members. is the time for you to approach the organisations you interact with in Exeter and ask them to sign up to the Charter


What we now need is for you to approach all the organisations that you interact with (at work, school, college, the gym, your clubs & associations, the dentist, shops/restaurants etc) and ask if they will sign up too.

The Exeter Cycling Charter website ( gives an easy way for organisations (and individuals) to support the Charter. On the website you can also see who has signed up so far.

To help you explain the Charter to organisations we've prepared for you a:

How will the Charter be received?



We've road tested the Charter with a number of big organisations in the city and a school. They have all responded positively to the Charter and committed to supporting it.  

We have found that the principles laid out in the Charter often echo the sustainability policies of the organisations themselves.  Therefore these organisations see it as a positive thing to state publicly that they support the Charter.  

So...when you ask an organisation to support the Charter why not also suggest they issue a press release to publicise their support and Tweet about it?  We've prepared some wording for a press release here.


In other news......

Meeting the Secretary of State for Transport


Members of the Exeter Cycling Campaign were invited by Cllr Peter Holland to meet Chris Grayling, Secretary of State for Transport, on his recent visit to Exeter.  There was an opportunity to put a formal question to the minister and chat to him personally. The Minister was a very personable man but didn't quite share our view that cycling is one of the most effective ways of moving people across a crowded city. Despite a recent UN Environment team report suggesting that governments should commit 20% of transport spending to active travel, our Transport Secretary made clear that he wouldn't be committing the 10%. that the Campaign suggested.

That bus shelter

It's not moved yet!  We understand that the Council Officers and Developers are due to discuss this in October.......
The Exeter Cycling Campaign continues to shape the news

The Express and Echo and Western Morning News continue to approach the Exeter Cycling Campaign.  We recently had the opportunity to comment on 'close passing' and managed to underline the importance of building safe infrastructure so that people of all ages and abilities can choose to cycle.


What does the Exeter Cycling Campaign believe?

Enabling cycling will help Exeter tackle its challenges of pollution, congestion and unhealthy lifestyles.  

A comprehensive, convenient and connected network of cycle infrastructure enables people to choose cycling as the safe, natural choice for a large proportion of everyday journeys. This frees up road-space for essential car journeys.

We invite you to join us
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