The Exeter Cycling Campaign June update
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The Exeter Cycling Charter

Welcome to the Charter edition of the Exeter Cycling Campaign newsletter.   We'll introduce what the Charter is, what it's for and how you can find out more.

We'd love to see you at the workshop on October 11th where we'll be working together on how to disseminate the Charter.  Ink it into your diary and accept your personal invitation here.

The Exeter Cycling Charter: what is it?

Part of the Exeter Cycling Campaign's strategy is to persuade our leaders in the Council and LEP that there is a wide consensus across Exeter for investing in cycling.

There are already hundreds of individuals supporting the campaign, highlighting the need for a better cycling infrastructure across Exeter. 

What we now want is for Exeter organisations to express their support for cycling.  We want to give businesses, schools, colleges, health practices, shops, the emergency services, clubs and societies the opportunity to say how they value cycling for their business, staff, pupils, patients and members.

This is where the Exeter Cycling Charter comes in.  It outlines the benefits that cycling can bring to our city and has been framed as something that organisations can readily support. 

During September we've been road testing the Charter with a few organisations and this has been positively received.  We'll tell you more at the workshop on Oct 11th.

For more on the Charter check out the Exeter Cycling Charter FAQs here.


Roll up your sleeves:
Our first workshop looks at the Exeter Cycling Charter

Following the success of the Summer Meet Ups we're running a series of workshops to look at particular aspects of the campaign. 

At our first workshop on Oct 11th we'll unveil the Charter wording and work together to agree how this can be disseminated across the city.

This is something that we can all do, and doesn't require any expertise.  

Come along, meet others in the Campaign and shape how we make this a success.   

Charter Workshop: Oct 11th 19:00hrs, Danes Castle Fire Station


In other news......

Meet the Councillors:

A number of the Exeter Cycling Campaign members have been meeting County and City Councillors over the last month.  Our aim has been to help Councillors envisage a better city, with cycling at its heart.

We've endeavoured to move Councillors beyond the 'cyclists all run red lights' discussion and focus on the strategic issues that the city faces of pollution, congestion, population growth and unhealthy lifestyles. It won't surprise you that we are suggesting that enabling cycling is important to addressing these challenges.

When meeting County Councillors we've put to them five proposals that they could adopt now without the need for significant capital outlay.  These are:

  1. Halt the degradation to our cycle paths by adopting modern design guidance
  2. Annually audit delivery against the Council's agreed strategies
  3. Categorise our streets and build accordingly
  4. Embrace the vision for a better city and drive this as our city/county's leaders
  5. Nominate a champion among Councillors and Council Officers to champion the cause of people who walk or cycle

That bus shelter:

A dialogue continues between Bloor Homes and Council Officers about moving the bus stop from the middle of the shared use path along the Topsham Road.   The Council have recognised that it isn't ideally situated and may even be dangerous. You might think that moving it would therefore be a simple matter. It appears that it isn't.  The discussion continues!


What does the Exeter Cycling Campaign believe?

Enabling cycling will help Exeter tackle its challenges of pollution, congestion and unhealthy lifestyles.  

A comprehensive, convenient and connected network of cycle infrastructure enables people to choose cycling as the safe, natural choice for a large proportion of everyday journeys. This frees up road-space for essential car journeys.

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