March 2016

The Exeter Cycling Campaign in underway.  

Here's a roundup of our early steps and how you can get involved

What’s been happening?

E3 Route proposals

Moira's been assessing the impact of various proposals for the new builds and school access at the east end of the proposed E3 route. 
Mike & Moira have discussed route proposals with Jacobs. Our proposals for junctions along the E3 route can be found here.

Ide Park & Ride

Consultation is currently open for a proposed Park & Ride in Ide. We'll be submitting suggestions for how cycling access to this site can be mproved.

Stoke Hill Schools

Biddy pitched into the discussion about the possible loss of lollipop men/ladies by pointing out that proper road design which prioritises people walking and cycling might remove the need for these lollipop people.  The Headteacher asked to discussion these ideas.

Marsh Barton

Graham continues to be involved in a group looking to improve walking and cycling in Marsh Barton when the new train station is delivered. 

Chirpy chirpy cheep cheep

Yep, we're up and running at last on Twitter.  Follow us @ExeterCycling and retweet furiously!

Don't underestimate the links that can be made using Twitter.  Karim Hassan, Exeter City's Chief Executive, read a paper Biddy pointed him to about disruptive leadership in New York and replied/retweeted. 

The Marmite of social media

Love it or hate it Facebook is where many of the people we are seeking to influence exist.  To be able to speak with authority to the councils we need to be able to evidence a body of supporters standing with the Exeter Cycling Campaign.  Facebook is one  way of building this support. and share and post to the ExeterCyclingCampaign on Facebook. 

The interim Steering Group is getting stuff done

As a means of getting things started we've formed an interim steering group.  You can find out what we've discussed and agreed here.

What’s going to be happening?

We're going to continue our work in making proposals on various road / route schemes.  With the city Council elections coming in May (and with every seat up for grabs) this seems like an opportunity too good to miss.  
We'll be asking you soon to write to your city Councillor (and prospective Councillors) and seek their support for the principles of the #space4cycling initiative.  We'll give you a draft letter for this.

We've also got a set of slides that have proved effective in helping Councillors catch the vision of a city promoting cycling and walking seriously.  We'd encourage you to invite your Councillor to sit with you to walk through these.  We'll be only too happy to accompany you if you find this a
little difficult. 

Are you chatting?

There's lots of discussion about how we promote cycling in our city on our google group.  Feel free to join the discussion.

What we stand for

Exeter Cycling Campaign is working for

Safe cycling in Exeter.

We're doing this by influencing...
Local Politicians / key people, Council Officers & Exeter citizens

What can I do?

I’ve got 5 minutes

Like and Join the Facebook group, share with 30 of your Facebook friends...and start posting!

Follow @ExeterCycling on Twitter and retweet

I’ve got 30 minutes

Ready yourself to engage with your city Councillor (and prospective Councillors) by familiarising yourself with the #space4cycling principles that we'll be asking these Councillors to sign up to.

You can find your city Councillor here.



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