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What Am I Up To? About eight weeks ago, I had a full replacement operation on my left knee. Much of my focus since then has been devoted to physical therapy to rehabilitate
my left leg. I’ve been making steady but slow progress to the point that I am now walking outside around my neighborhood without using a cane. I had a wonderful 80th birthday and Father’s Day with my children, their spouses, and most of my grandchildren.

Writing Update

I'm currently between 1/2 and 2/3 through writing the first draft of Endure A Cruel Sun (EACS), the sequel to my earlier best-selling novel, Hold Back The Sun (HBTS). It’s Spring 1942. Having conquered Singapore, Hong Kong, the Dutch East Indies, and most of the Philippines, the Japanese move to cut off Australia from support from the US. American and Australian naval forces concentrate to stop the Japanese incursions. The US Pacific Fleet even risks its precious aircraft carriers. Meanwhile, the German Gestapo moves to gain custody of HBTS characters Colonel Jan Dijker, once an Allies master spy in Holland. EACS will be populated with US and Dutch naval officers, US Army nurses on Bataan, and naval aviators.

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Looking Forward

The better my leg gets, the more writing I'm able to get done. I plan to launch Endure A Cruel Sun sometimes next fall. It will soon be time to contact my cover designer to get that started. In a few weeks, the first chapters of EACS will be available to preview on my website.
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