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Techniques, tips and gorgeous recipes to help reduce the food waste mountain

Counting the cost of food waste

On average, each household in Ireland throws away about €700 worth of avoidable food waste each year. This translates into about one third of each weekly shop never reaching the table. On a national level, we dump half a million tonnes of food annually.

Reasons so much of our food gets binned include over-buying, incorrect storage, failure to use food before it expires and sometimes a lack of cooking skills. Wasting food is also a waste of the energy, water, land and labour that has gone into the production and distribution of that food.

The cost of wasting food is not restricted to our pockets and our resources, however. There is an important, but often hidden, environmental price to pay for wasting food.
Organic waste that ends up in landfill breaks down to produce materials that pollute our soil, water and air. As a consequence, we are obliged under EU legislation to eliminate all organic waste from landfill. 

Wasting food can also contribute to climate change. As food breaks down into its constituent nutrients, climate change gases, such as methane, are released into the atmosphere.This means that preventing food waste is an important, albeit often overlooked, climate change mitigation measure.

With some thought, planning and a little kitchen creativity, it is possible to reduce food waste and help both your pocket and the environment.  

Preventing food waste

Easy tips for preventing food waste and saving cash!

1. Check your fridge and cupboards to see what you have - or  take a pic on your smart phone!
2. Plan your meals for the week
3. Make a shopping list (and stick to it..!)
4. Avoid multi deals unless you are certain you'll use them - especially salads and bread
5.Store your food properly
6. Go to for more tips

Leftovers you'll love......

Here in the EMWR, we love recipes that use (and use up) leftover food. Not only do we feel like extremely clever when we make a 'free' meal but we avoid that horrified and guilty feeling about throwing away perfectly good food. This recipe for Sweet and Sour Warm Potato Salad featured in a food waste prevention calendar produced by Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council as part of a larger Stop Food Waste EPA-funded project under the Local Authority Prevention Network. 

Many thanks to Dean Eaton of Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council for sourcing this this scrumptious recipe!

The Charter on Food Waste

The Charter on Food Waste was launched by Minister Dennis Naughtan at the EPA's Forum on Food Waste, which took place on March 9th in Dublin. The Minister is encouraging Irish food manufacturers and retailers to sign up to the charter to commit to tackling food waste all along the supply chain - from field to fork! 

The Charter declares the significance of food waste as a pressing environmental and social issue, and commits signatories to taking a strong approach to preventing food waste – including a direct commitment to implement at least one food prevention action within the first year of signing up. It is expected that signatories to the Charter will come from across the food production, processing and retail sectors along with householders and community groups.
Minister Denis Naughtan and Director General of the EPA,  Dr. Laura Burke sign The Charter on Food Waste. 

Saving food, saving money, saving time: The 30 second recipe

Love leftovers but hate cold pizza? 

Hot, hot pizza is heaven, cold pizza not so much! Here's a quick and easy way of re-heating and (crucially) re-crisping up that pizza pie so it can be re-enjoyed and avoid the bin. As Dean Martin would say, That's Amore!

30 second left over pizza rescue


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