Welcome to the Wild Wolf Pack!
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Seasons change... and so do we.


Winter is officially over and we are transitioning into Spring. We are writing this from the studio which is drenched in sunshine following a night of stormy winds. Today we can feel Spring.   
We want to share with you the latest from the studio, particularly to draw your attention to our Spring workshops and events (that are continuing to build!); we're looking forward to you joining us on the mat, whether restoring and laying low or being held in the air with our AcroYoga friends, there is a whole host of wonderful things happening...


As well as all these events and workshops, we have some new classes on the timetable.

  • Mama & Baby (from 6 weeks old and pre- crawlers is generally the rule of thumb here!) is starting up again on Wednesdays at 11:00-11:45
  • Booty Burn is going to start with our Julia Graziani on Tuesday mornings from 10:00-11:00
  • New-ish to Yoga will be a 6 week course starting on the 15th March from 5:15-6:15pm
  • Wild Cubs for the kiddos will be coming soon- stories, gymnastics and yoga! 
  • A Quiet Twilight Series is also coming soon... We are thinking Nidra, Meditation and Breath Work, Silent Yin...Some ideas in the mix ;-)
Our Teaching Team
We have enjoyed welcoming so many students to the studio and Steph and I feel we have gained so many new friends! Our teachers and students love to be here and we are creating a right cosy Wolf den and a happy Wolf pack. Our timetable has a flow now that we are settled into with our RISING WARRIORS, POWER UP YOUR LUNCH HOUR and TWILIGHT HOUR providing a nice, solid structure the day.
Julia Graziani offers Wild Flow Beats which is a great foundation for her strong and fun class Power Flow Beatsplease come down and get involved!
We are awaiting the return of Kitty Billings who teaches Wild Flow and Ashtanga Play here in the studio. She is also our Ayurveda gal and promises that her trip to India will bring her back to Bristol with inspired ideas for all sorts of workshops and offerings in the studio! We will keep you posted.
Lawrence Hassan is turning his multi talented hands to carpentry within the building and bringing us his wonderful Power Yoga. He is still beautifully suntanned from his sojourn in South Africa! Lawrence and I enjoyed a teacher training together in Devon and both felt quite inspired with some food for thought.
I am loving teaching Wild Flow, Yin and Restorative and have a wonderful crew of pregnant Mamas. I will have some of the mamas I taught during pregnancy with their babies in tow next week!
Rachel Lindars who joined the team a month ago is loving the wild wolf pack that have been joining her on Wednesday's Twilight Ashtanga. It is a lovely little hub mid week now as my pregnant mamas cross over with her Ashtanga pack.
Lottie Ball's Wild Thing Dance on Monday night gets the whole street moving! All of these classes can be accessed by our booking system, MindBody. You can also book many of the classes at Wild Wolf's if you are a MoveGB member.
Scaravelli Inspired Yoga with Caroline Reid on Friday at 10:00-11:30 brings a lovely energy into the studio. Similarly with Morven Hamilton's Yoga & Mindfulness on Saturday mornings 9:00-10:30. Will Duke's Run Wild is something Ruffdog LOVES! And the runners that join Will love being accompanied by Steph's dog for their weekly runs. These classes are booked directlly through their websites and are also on MoveGB.

Bernie Gomm is back from adventures out in New Zealand and he is ready to take the girls on a journey of mixed martial arts with his brilliantly crafted skill based sessions- a total fitness blast on our Thursday Twilight hour. Power Yoga with Lawrence first and then Fight Club! Some people double class challenge it (normally not me, I have to confess).

So I would say we have definitely been sowing seeds and we are ready to spring forth. Thank you to everyone for joining us in the studio and making it a fun, cosy and safe haven to take shelter in the winter months. I think most of you would agree- we love our Pukka teas, lavender eye pillows and chats after class. Yin and Restorative seems to be what everyone has needed and we feel proud that our studio is a safe and warm place to offer a sense of calm in our busy days...Though the winter months drew us in and we turned inward, underneath the embers were always glowing and the fire was strong, right?

This Spring, we look forward to welcoming you at Wild Wolf's. 

‘What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?' 

~ John Steinbeck, Travels with Charley: In Search of America

Much love,

Jess and Steph


Welcome to the wild wolf pack! 
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