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Once upon a time there was a dream that one sister shared with another. A dream for a space where communities of people could gather and feel good through yoga and nourishing practices... Over time this powerful big sister sowed the seeds and her sister began to believe in the magic and possibility...After all, her big sister was always the one paving the way.
The girls dreamed and spoke and realised that there was a a lot of magic and love needed... However, there was a hell of a lot of elbow grease, help from family, support and advice from friends (shout out to the Hull crew, special shout to Moy and Eve, as well as the Bristol peeps- you know who you are!), a bucket load of self belief and some serious planning... Pinterest, mood boards, a lot of meetings, endless conversations and LITTLE SLEEP (for us... not Ruffdog). We lived and breathed Wild Wolf's. 
A year ago, leading up to opening we would often crawl into our beds. We lived above the studio and felt like two (incredibly warped fairytale versions) princesses, climbing over rubble to get into our flats, high in the towers of this castle (aka a building site!) The bones of this building were always special; the work that our family and the team have done in this building has and continues to be epic.
Life sprung forth and slowly grew from rubble and dust.
'They say that if you are dream a thing more than once, it's sure to come true.'~ Sleeping Beauty
What was once rubble, a precious shell,  bare bones of a room slowly became our space, your space.

The dust has settled and we have found our way. Our Wild Wolf community has grown and is settled right into our nook, this sweet little den.


If you call one wolf, you invite the pack. ~ Bulgarian Proverb

So a year has passed and we have had so many amazing times. It was quite something for us to celebrate our 1st birthday. Not only did we have Jambo Truong and Charlie Speller here for an amazing workshop, we had all our teachers and a lot of our studio friends celebrating and making everything super special.
We continue to reminisce and of course move forward  (and try to be super present too!!!) So some things shift and change, just like the seasons...
Steph and I, all ballerina-esque last Autumn (we got kicked out of ballet class as kids... so this is our best attempt here!!!)

Autumn Timetable News

Lydia Batt will pause her early morning Strength & Stretch sessions until the New Year. Intro To Gymnastics will be still here on Thursdays, 12:05-12:55. Watch out for our girl Lyd leading some Yin-Spired classes very soon.
Julia and I are co teaching Wild Flow on Thursday lunch, 1:05-1:55 as sometimes I am at school with Lawrence teaching our awesome teenage boys (which we are both loving!) 
Lawrence is loving his Intro To Yoga class- the group is small and dedicated. Please join whether or not you are experienced with Yoga! The smaller setting and caring group are good vibes all round and Lawrence's teaching is just great.

Ulle has taken over Wild Flow on Tuesday evenings with Energising Flow and Meditation. It has already been described by one of our regulars as a super heartfelt and powerful evening. Come down and join her for Quiet Hour before class: 5:40-6:10, shared meditation in a our cosy space.

Our Julia is handing over her Monday mornings to a wonderful teacher that we are so excited to have on our team.... PIP ROBERTS!!!! Pip has been covering some Flow in the studio and we have loved having her here and she loves to be here! 
Shifts and changes and yet much remains the same....
Our story is no picture perfect fairytale, but we do have a whole load of heart and come from a place of dreams.

'You know that place between sleep and awake? The place where you can still remember dreaming? That's where I will always love you and that's where I will be waiting.' ~Tinkerbell

So as always, warmest of welcomes and please continue to Fall Into Autumn with us. Join our journey on Facebook and Instagram, where we keep you updated daily with all the latest in the studio!
With love,
Jess & Steph, Julia and the Wild Wolf Team xxx


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