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May 7, 2019

Hi there, EPers! I hope that you are all having a lovely week and that you have a very happy Mother's Day on Sunday. 💜

(I know Mother's Day can be hard for some, so if you're struggling with loss or infertility or family issues or anything else, I hope the day is as easy as possible for you.) 
Exclusive Pumping Tip of the Week

One thing that some exclusive pumpers find challenging is managing all of the milk in their fridge. If you like to prep bottles one day ahead of time, you can have a ton of bottles at once in there taking up space because you have the prepped bottles, plus the ones you have pumped so far that day.

Some moms in the Facebook group manage this is by storing all of the breast milk that they pump in a day in a pitcher, and then prepping the bottles for the next day at night and freezing any extra. Here's a quick overview of the "pitcher method," how to do it, and some good storage containers if you want to give it a try. (Pin it to read later.)
Stuff That Can Make Your Life Easier
When you're hooking yourself up to pump 8 times a day, easy access is key! A lot of nursing tops are more functional than cute, but this Jax and Dash t-shawl is both! It comes in four different colors, and is super easy to pump in! It's also lightweight and breathable and perfect for spring. 

Emi from Jax and Dash was nice enough you guys 15% off with the code EP15. Yay - it can be a mother's day gift for yourself! You can check it out here.
From the Archives
You are doing a great job!
Because of all of the hard work that exclusive pumping is, it can be hard to remember the benefits - so here are some of them! You always know how much your baby is eating, how extra many calories you're burning (if it matters to you), and you can easily monitor your supply. You can wean whenever you decide to without worrying about how your baby will adjust to not nursing. And your pump will never toss your nursing cover off when you need to breastfeed in public!

Thanks for reading and see you next week.
Lavie's new warming massagers can decrease pumping time and help you empty more effectively. You can check them out here. (This is an affiliate link, which means that if you make a purchase I get a commission at no extra cost to you.)
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