Guildford/Moreton Bay Figs/Linley Lutton Prize

Notes from the President

Guildford (top photo)

Last week we asked you to write a few words to help protect Guildford.

Submissions close today at 5pm (

While a precinct listing of an important heritage area like Guildford Historic Town is important, the listing should:

a) Have clear and tight Statements of Significance which protect the colonial scale, height and design of Guildford, and

b) Come with an allocation of serious funds to list in detail the properties inside the precinct and to encourage restoration and maintenance.

In the Heritage Council Statement of Significance there needs to be a much clearer description of the modest scale of the town throughout its five key periods, a scale that historically has not exceeded two storeys, and as such differs from the other early settlements Perth and Fremantle.

Two storey premises were generally limited to predominantly hotels in corner or landmark locations and significant civil buildings such as the Post Office  and St Matthews Church.

Certain local features are significant to the character of Guildford and should be emphasised - such as the use of local materials - clay for bricks, local shell deposits for lime, and river sand for mortar.

Intrusive developments such as 110 Terrace Road and the new St Vincents Hospital should be listed and detailed as intrusive

Finally,  views from the rivers should be seen as equally important as views from roads .

Moreton Bay Figs (middle photo)

The Fremantle Society announced last week it has received a wonderful gift of four Moreton Bay Fig trees from the Guildford Society to help replace the ones ripped out of King's Square recently by Fremantle Council. We hope Council will use them. But, for Kings Square, Council seems to prefer boring Plane Trees instead.

It is greatly disturbing to hear that Jonathan Epps, the only WA member of the Institute of Australian Consulting Arborculturists, and the only Australian to have passed the UK professional  tree inspectors' exam, contacted Fremantle Council ten years ago with concerns about the Moreton Bay Fig trees in Kings Square, and was ignored.

Fremantle has a lot of resident talent, and too often Fremantle Council sees advice from the community as a nuisance or a criticism. That is leading to more and more disasters like King's Square and the J shed fiasco.

Jonathan, a local who lives in Hilton and says he is not called upon by Council for local issues, has agreed to check out the health of the remaining Moreton Bay fig trees in King's Square for the Fremantle Society.

Centenary Project Missing Trees

The Fremantle Society is investigating the disappearance of a magnificent centenary project - the 29 Moreton Bay fig trees planted for the centenary of Fremantle in 1929. They were planted with plaques by a raft of important people, including John Curtin, in Fremantle Park, and have all but disappeared. Fremantle Council have no knowledge of their own centenary project and it is possible most of the trees disappeared thanks to Mains Roads when they inserted Ord Street through Fremantle Park in the 1960s.

Any member with knowledge of the 1929 Centenary project, please contact us.

That centenary project was important. The trees were highly significant. The Fremantle Society seeks not only the reinstatement of those missing Moreton Bay fig trees, but the early planning for another such significant planting during the next Centenary, which is only 11 years away.

Linley Lutton Prize (third photo)

In recognition of the significant contribution Dr Lutton made to teaching in the urban and regional planning programme at The University of Western Australia and the urban planning profession, Linley's family, together with the UWA School of Agriculture and Environment have established the Linley Lutton Prize in Urban and Regional Planning. Donations are being sought for this new prize, and the Fremantle Society is delighted to announce that it is supporting this important recognition of someone who worked so hard in Fremantle and elsewhere to get good planning outcomes. Further details of our support at the AGM.

One of the key reports Dr Lutton wrote for Fremantle was a plan for King's Square, ignored by Fremantle Council, but which would have given us a true civic square.

If you would like to donate, please contact Simone Yule, Development Officer, Faculty of Science at

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