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You Have Been Fooled

The photo shows Planning and Transport Minister Saffioti with Federal MP Josh Wilson a year ago launching the plan for new bridges across the Swan River. The new rail and vehicle bridges are shown running together WEST of the current wooden traffic bridge.

Then Main Roads indicated the new bridge for technical reasons needed to go EAST of the current traffic bridge, causing angst in the community about it being too close to Northbank, among other issues. Now, after lengthy "public consultation", Main Roads has agreed to put the bridges back where they were originally going to go, and the community falsely believes it has had a victory.

Main Roads were so careless in their press release yesterday they actually stated that they originally intended for BOTH the new rail and vehicle bridges to go east of the wooden bridge-  a physical impossibility.

The community has been fooled by the two step shuffle, a common developers' trick, and left feeling grateful they have been listened to.

MP Josh Wilson lobbied for Federal money for Fremantle in 2018 and Prime Minister Morrison's visit to WA in March 2019 saw $115 million of Federal funds committed to a new Fremantle traffic bridge with an election looming two months later. Josh Wilson waxed lyrical about the wooden bridge being turned into a "concert venue and family picnic area" while Fremantle Council's plan was: "to convert the old bridge into a pedestrian and cycleway."
Meanwhile The Fremantle Society would like to know what Federal MP Josh Wilson intends to do to help get us the nice picnic area over our river, and what on earth is Fremantle Council up to voting last month to demolish the bridge they said they wanted as a cycleway?

(Thanks to the generosity of Kakulas' Mike Finn, SAVE THE OLD  BRIDGE bumper stickers are being printed and will be available free of charge from Kakulas Fremantle - one per customer)

John Dowson
The Fremantle Society





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