Election Notes from the President

Our 50th Year

The Fremantle Society this year is in its 50th year of operation, a remarkable milestone for a community group.

Remarkable survival in a hostile environment - defunded as a precinct and ignored by Fremantle Council. A survivor in a media landscape that promotes big government and developers. The trashy West Australian, Sunday Times, and Perthnow Fremantle rarely represent community views. Thank goodness for the Fremantle Herald, The Post, Streetwise, and 6PR.

The Fremantle Society researches issues and attends boring meetings so you dont have to. We lobby for better outcomes. Fremantle deserves quality planning, not mediocrity. While it is great working with Fremantle Ports, the Town of East Fremantle or Cockburn, the last 12 years of Fremantle Council have been a nightmare, with heritage stripped of its funding, poor maintenance of assets, and a lack of implementation of numerous Masterplans that cost a lot of money to produce.

Election Skullduggery

The elections are on for a new mayor and 6 councillors. Voting ballots will arrive by the end of September.

For years The Fremantle Society has been one of the hosts of the Mayoral Candidates Meeting at Notre Dame University. This time we have been booted out by Cr Pemberton's developer group Fremantle Network and the Chamber of Commerce, and replaced by Fremantle Shipping News.

However, the Fremantle Society, along with FICRA, will be running the City Ward candidates forum as above. Unlike the forum from which we have been booted, you will NOT have to send your questions in in advance so they can be vetted, and you will NOT have to apply for a ticket. Our event is free and open to all. And we have a superb moderator.

Election skullduggery was also at work, when at a South Fremantle Precinct meeting, a member of the audience announced she had had a dream about forming a new precinct called  South City Precinct. Cr Lang from City Ward  at that meeting announced there was already a precinct with that name in existence and that it was "on ice".

So, miraculously, just before an election, a precinct that had laid dormant for 15 years was suddenly brought back to life without any formalities and the woman with the dream announced they were holding a Meet the Candidates Forum with the Arts Precinct the same night as the Fremantle Society/FICRA one. Really?

After serious pushback from City Ward candidate Mia Kriznic and others, the South City Precinct has suddenly  disappeared again, and the Arts Precinct convenor has announced her resignation.

Very interesting to see now that the South Fremantle Precinct have organised two candidate functions deliberately on the same night as the Fremantle Society one and the North Fremantle Community Association one.

Committee Man Mark Woodcock to run in North Ward

Fremantle Society committee member Mark Woodcock has announced his run for North Ward against Cr Doug Thompson, who has been there for decades. Interesting to read Sean Hefferon's letter in todays Herald quoting the 2012 Robson report which stated: "A limit of three terms, or 12 years, is considered ample opportunity for an elected member to achieve a great deal for his community." 

Cr Thompson has been on council for 33 years. Cr Sullivan since 1992- a  29 year period, though not all continuous..

Mark Woodcock is an extraordinary person with a deep and intelligent understanding of the serious issues council has failed to deal with well. He is particularly keen to work on the long term solutions for North Fremantle's transport and development issues.

Incumbents - Please Go Away

As stated perviously, the Fremantle Society does not believe any of the incumbent councillors (excepting Cr Vujcic), who have caused the serious financial and other problems Fremantle now faces, should have the nerve to run for council again.

Please go away:

Cr Hannah Fitzhardinge (running for mayor)

Cr Adin Lang (running for City Ward)

Cr Andrew Sullivan (around on council since 1992)

Cr Doug Thompson (around on council since 1988)

John Dowson
The Fremantle Society
0409 223622


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