$280 MILLION and you get WHAT?

"Disaster Beyond Belief"

Prominent architect  ________responded to plans just released for the new Fremantle traffic bridge as being a "Disaster beyond belief."

He asked the Fremantle Society not to use his name, because, he was so strong in his criticism of Main Road's projects in Swanbourne, that they have hired him.

Premier McGowan, Rita Saffioti, Josh Wilson, Simone McGurk, and the Labor Mayor for Fremantle all turned up at the bridge on Sunday to say words.

They (Saffioti) talked about busting traffic congestion (FEWER people now use the Fremantle traffic bridge now than 15 years ago), making Fremantle a "modern" city (McGowan), and lied (Labor Mayor Fitzhardinge)  about the "small" number of locals who want to keep the heritage bridge (she didn't mention the 9431 people who have signed the petition Simone McGurk refuses to even accept).

And just what do you get for the astonishing $280 million to be spent on this project?

a) the complete removal of the longest wooden bridge in WA and a heritage entry into an historic town, with NO effort to keep any of it, and the BURYING of the convict capstan base, one of the few left in Australia.

b) a boring modern Main Roads concrete bridge and an extra rail line.

c) the destruction of the attractive natural escarpment between East Street and the current bridge as Main Roads intends running Canning Highway DOWN TO THE RIVER there and under their new bridge.

The picture above shows Richard Evans of Save the Bridge Alliance speaking to media after President of the Fremantle Society John Dowson. The message from both was clear- the battle has just begun.

For $280 million you get NO solution to North Fremantle's traffic problems.

You get no high line green belt across the river as proposed by the Save the Bridge Alliance.

Look at the disaster Main Roads have created at High Street/Canning Highway intersection. The ugliest of solutions for a massive amount of money, solving what?

Main Roads are:

- Bullies

- Inflict ugly urban design on communities -and this project will be no different.

-  NOT experts at Placemaking.

- are demolishing a level 1a heritage listed structure along with BURYING the convict built ferry capstan bae.

Fremantle Council:  

Where is Fremantle Council in all this? Labor Mayor Fitzhardinge had her head bobbing faster than a clown as she stood behind Rita Saffioti who was explaining why the heritage bridge has to be demolished after so many millions have been spent fixing it up.

Has Labor Mayor Fitzhardinge ever read her own Masterplan on her own council's website (Fremantle 2029 Transformational Moves)? It says: Keep the old traffic bridge for pedestrians and cyclists while building a new traffic bridge.

Australian Institute of Architects:

They represent 12,000 architects and designers. They say about the heritage bridge: "It should not be demolished." They say it is an "iconic reminder of Fremantle's history and of important cultural significance."

The Fremantle Society:

We say: the $280 million project is a purely utilitarian one for cars and trains. We want placemaking to include a green belt across the river on the heritage bridge, connecting North Fremantle to Fremantle.

A MASTERPLAN for the area is needed FIRST, not after $280 million is wasted. The Future of Fremantle Committee have yet to release any of their ideas.


Start writing letters.

John Dowson
The Fremantle Society



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