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Elections- they are about People and not just Issues

Sullivan photo above:

No, this image is not of a derelict condemned site, but a photo of the acting mayor of Fremantle's Andrew Sullivan's home as it has looked for years. 

He is running yet again for South Fremantle against a well liked lawyer Steven Pynt. Steven believes there is widespread concern at the state of council's finances and the state of the CBD. Cr Sullivan on the other hand thinks he has done a good job, and when criticised,  is a strong defender of his record. As he told one resident on facebook: "Facts I can deal with, its fuktards I have problems with."

Fremantle Herald- Letting the Community Down, Again

This week's Herald has a front page story from the owner Andrew Smith, lamenting the "bogged down and boring" current election. One reason perhaps is the Herald's refusal to do its job and report the many important stories that actually make the election significant.

What about Sean Hefferon's investigations into the council depot site saga, revealing new information? Submitted, but not printed. That issue is a multi million dollar scandal, and is one of the reasons the Fremantle Society has called for the Chair of the Finance Committee Hannah Fitzhardinge to resign- a position backed by Streetwise Magazine., but which the Herald refused to publish. 

The skulduggery over the candidates forums? The Fremantle Society being turfed out of the organisation of the Mayoral Forum" The controlled event resulting, resulting in absolutely no debate, when there should have been many.

The interference in local politics by both Greens and Labor and the collusion between them, with former Mayor Pettitt using his access to databases to write urging his followers to back the Fitzhardinge team? The interference in the election by sitting councillors, with Cr Pemberton possibly facing defamation charges over her assessment of Adele Carles and Marija Vujcic.

There has also been lots of advice from Cr Jones this election saying how he only needed $300 to get elected, yet omitting that Cr Fitzhardinge spent around $25,000 on a single colour letter mailed to people in Fremantle. Cr Jones tells candidates to publish their material in Fremantle, yet the letter from Cr Fitzhardinge came from Osborne Park. Cr Jones says words like "cancel culture" shouldn't be used, yet the reasons for it are clearly spelt out in the page 2 advertisement of the Fremantle Society in this week's issue.

The Herald this week has THREE photos of Hannah Fitzhardinge but none of fellow mayoral candidate Adele Carles. Page 6 of the Herald shows Labor's Hannah Fitzhardinge trotting along faithfully behind Labor's Rita Saffioti when a strip of bike path was opened. Why did the Herald publish that without questioning why the Labor mayoral candidate Fitzhardinge was included but not the other mayoral candidates?

On the next page is a fluff piece about Cr Fitzhardinge and "civility", blaming the "grey-haired opposition" to the skate park for the lack of "respect" in Fremantle, when in fact it was the way council handled the issue that caused the problems.

What about all the significant issues raised by Adele Carles (see her excellent website) and Marija Vujcic?

Not a single letter this week has been published, yet Andrew Smith calls for "thoughtful or humorous" comments to be sent which "we promise to publish" - but that will be AFTER all the votes have been counted! 

Compare this with The Post, where dozens of letters each week allow the community to hear both sides of the story.

The need for change in Fremantle is well demonstrated. There is not just a "disgruntled minority" as alleged by former Mayor Pettitt, who caused many of Fremantle's problems, but will the seemingly "disgruntled majority" actually feel it worth their time to vote, given they haven't been listened to for the past 12 years?

John Dowson
The Fremantle Society

0409 2236 22


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