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Good News on Fremantle Family

Following our last Mailchimp to you yesterday, Fremantle Council have indicated that some of the Fremantle family gifts are in fact now on display in the new civic building, despite staff saying Wednesday they didnt know.

That is very good news and reassurance of a commitment made several years ago when the issue was first raised by the Fremantle Society.

There is a long and interesting story about the various gifts from the Fremantle family, leading to political ructions at the national level because of the way the Fremantle family were treated. But that story is embargoed for the present.

Thank you to Fremantle Council for keeping some of our history.

Reminder: Talbot Hobbs: Fremantle's Greatest Architect?

Fremantle Society event: Talbot Hobbs by Dr John Taylor Tuesday 30th November 6.30 at Victoria Hall.

Western Australia's senior historian Ruth Marchant James has already heard this talk but wants to venture into Fremantle again next Tuesday to hear it a second time as eminent architect John Taylor speaks very well.

We not only need you there for the talk, a drink, and then the AGM if you can bear that, but we need you to support our fund raiser - John Taylor's book (signed) for HALF PRICE ($30). How on earth we will raise money by selling things at half the recommended retail price needs commentary from our Treasurer Bill Ody, but this is Christmas and if you want to reserve 5 or 6 or more copies please let us know ahead of the evening, as we need you to open your wallet next Tuesday, not just for fund raising, but to pay the expensive hire of Victoria Hall, where even the chairs are charged for.

No Help From Herald

Given that this is our 50th year, a grand achievement for any community group, and given that the Fremantle Society has spent thousands of dollars advertising in the Herald over the years, you would think that our request for a little publicity for next Tuesday's event would have been supported?  But no, not a single word.

Mind you, communist era skateboards and their exhibition in another suburb (Melville) get front page coverage in today's Herald, showing the Herald's current priorities.

News on Fremantle Society Film to Save Fremantle Traffic Bridge

The three photos above were taken during the 8 hour film shoot for the Fremantle Society video called Tall Timber being filmed by a top international cinematographer and a team of 16 young filmmakers and three professional actors.

Following weeks of advertising for and selecting actors, eight drafts of the script, permits, insurance, rehearsals, and delays, the film was shot recently at the bridge. Besides the wonderful commitment of the young people who share the Fremantle Society passion for the bridge, the Society were joined by a another group of young people- skateboarders (a couple pictured middle image), there to prove themselves by jumping from the bridge in a long standing Fremantle tradition. They also voiced their like for the bridge and wish to see it retained. Their jumping efforts will feature in the short video which stars Nat and Savannah as grandchildren with granddad Ron.

While Biennale next door to our film shoot received huge amounts of public money for their events, some very interesting, they vandalised an historic and important river foreshore with brutal footpath paint dedicated to a dead concrete artist. They couldn't even get the history of the area right, didn't respect the history of the area, didn't consult with any of the locals, and lied about the need for permanent paint.

In contract, the Fremantle Society received no public money at all, with no participants being paid, covered all insurances and costs ourselves, were respectful of the history of the area in telling the story of the bridge truthfully, and left the area cleaner than when we filmed there, unlike Biennale.


John Dowson
The Fremantle Society
0409 223622

photos by John Dowson


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