The Financial Pain Continues


Do You Want Your Rates to Go Up 11%?

Your rates will go up 11% unless you do something.

You have until 5pm Tuesday 9 June to lodge your comments for the "Public Consultation" about rates.

On the front page of this week's Gazette Cr Sullivan has '"fired back" at the Fremantle Herald's claim last week rates are going up 10%. He accuses the Herald of "borderline scaremongering."

As the architect behind the massively wasteful failure of the "rejuvenation" of Fremantle, he has been very proficient at spending other people's money.

Rates are supposed to be based on the GRV of properties and issued by the Valuer General every three years.

We like to think our assets are increasing in value over time, but unfortunately over the past 3 years, the values have gone down. Our properties are worth less when we go to sell them and we can earn less in rent from them. The Valuer General on 1 July will announce that Fremantle values have slipped 10% and reduce the GRV accordingly. Thus someone currently paying $4,000 in rates should see this year's rates bill reduce to $3,600.

But wait, council have already shown their hand even before "Public Consultation" has finished by saying they need at least as much money as last year, and therefore they will alter the rate in the dollar to make sure the ratepayer who should pay $3,600 this year instead of $4,000 still pays $4,000 - an 11% increase over what he should be paying.

We would all like to earn as much rent as before and to have our asset worth as much as before, but the Valuer General will be telling us things have seriously declined. Ratepayers are expected to trim their budgets, but not, apparently, Fremantle Council.

Council argues that their costs have gone up - but so have ours.

Council committed fraud when it increased rates by 2% for a new plastic rubbish bin that many still have not received. The fraud is in the fact that ratepayers will be paying that 2% every single year, not a one off for one rubbish bin.

The decline in our assets does not even take into account the catastrophe of the virus outbreak. That is added pain to bear.

The Fremantle Society has long campaigned for serious financial reform from council, and has unfortunately been proven correct in its campaigning against council's reckless financial decisions since Mayor Pettitt was elected, which has resulted in Fremantle now having the worst FHI (Financial Health Index) of any WA metro council.

During the Covid crisis we also campaigned for council to cut executive salaries by 20%, which it has done, and to save millions $$ by not moving staff to the new admin building this year. There are plenty of crazy council ideas that need to go in the bin, none more so than Cr Pemberton's plan of "Participatory Budgetting," where selected locals allocate budget money for pet projects.

Every ratepayer has to Iive with a tighter budget. So should Fremantle Council.

Say NO to an 11% rate increase and contact Council by 5pm Tuesday ( and,au and

John Dowson
The Fremantle Society 
9335 2113

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