Notes from the President - A Personal View

Trucking and F_cking

The mayor of Fremantle has come out strongly against noisy, polluting, and out of date trucks.

He needs to also come out against some noisy, polluting, and out of date councillors.

The potty mouthed comments from some councillors, and hangers on like blogger Roel Loopers, need to be called out.

When council acolyte Roel Loopers discussed his penis on Facebook recently, several councillors joined in, with Councillor Sullivan making a comment that drew the Labour member for Beaconsfield Cr Fitzhardinge into making a comment, joking about a "double entendre."

Councillor Sullivan then joined in another discussion on Facebook, liking a comment referring to Society President John Dowson that began "Fuck me..."

Cr Pemberton a week or so ago told a Fremantle resident to "Fuck off" when asked about her intentions of running for mayor, which Sullivan and Fitzhardinge are rumoured to be running for also. Previously she had suggested young women wear "Fuck me" boots to a party. She also labelled, at a public council meeting, the founder of Fremantle, Captain Charles Fremantle, a "child rapist," a serious slander with no basis.

The potty mouthed comments come from well paid councillors. Cr Sullivan is paid $1,000 a week to be deputy mayor and to represent ALL  people. Arrogance and a dismissive attitude are too often heard. When discussing the possibility of changing the name of King's Square to an Aboriginal name, he referred to the square as "formerly known as King's Square", even before the so called public consultation has begun.

The foul language is a real worry.

But it signals a deeper malaise - that of some over confident councillors who believe their ideology is actually working. But a look around the streets shows a different story. 

And a look at the government's financial assessment of Fremantle council shows it is the worst performing one in the metro area.

It's enough to make a person swear.

John Dowson
The Fremantle Society

9335 2113

ps A clarification about the last post regarding the visit of Michela Riley and Senator O'Sullivan to see Arthur Head:

"Senator O'Sullivan spoke to the Chief Executive of the City of Fremantle  about local projects, including those they intended to bring forward which would stimulate the economy. The City received $293,902 to accelerate local infrastructure programs. The Round House wasn't included on this list."

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