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Australia's Bravest Soldier to be Removed from King's Square

It is indeed astonishing that King's Square (soon to be called Midgegooroo's Triangle?) planning proceeds with ad hoc decisions made behind closed doors without public scrutiny.
King's Square, the only town square in Western Australia, has been severely damaged by inserting a $50 million admin building nobody needs. Now, a council officer says they didn't realise how much space the building would take up, and that is the excuse for them moving the statue of Hughie Edwards (not because council again is engaged in divisive woke culture wars?) 
The only thing that needs to be said about Hughie, as the world commemorates the 75 anniversary of the end of WW2, is that he was the most highly decorated Australian soldier of WW2.  End of story. Nothing further needs to be said - the bravest Australian of them all about to banished from the heart of his town to the side entry of a school.

Apparently the unsightly caricature of the great John Curtin will stay " as the Labor Party want it there."
This would not be so bad if it were not for the very obvious desire of council to rid King's Square of its name, its form and shape, its history (council have decided not to fund the archaeological revealing of the footings of the original St Johns church),  its glorious Moreton Bay fig trees, and its framing (by planting inappropriate jacaranda trees along Adelaide Street in front of the buildings there you remove the shape of the square by hiding it with trees).
Douglas Murray, author of "Madness of Crowds"  stated this week (Youtube Douglas Murray 2020) in terms of statuary:
"How do you get stores of trust in a divided community? You have things that unite people....the things that have united people before you... statuary is important not just because of the people it is put up to, but your forebears have regarded these things as being of worth... they aren't things you just do away with because they dont live up to your ideology today,  because if there are things people have found meaningful in the past you may find meaning in them yourself."
Rather than remove Hughie, he needs to be left in place and  elevated like John Curtin, not because it upsets the politically correct brigade who dont want any people raised above themselves, but because on the ground he is not as easily seen. And, after all, he was an airman.
The Fremantle Society received this copy of a letter sent by a very upset Perth historian to the council yesterday about the intended removal of the statue:

As you are by now aware, Peter Firkins died a few years ago.
I do not know the other people or institutions involved with the Edwards Memorial.
However, both the Memorial and its location were carefully chosen at the time. 
I have great objections to the cultural destruction that seems to be a specialty of the exceptionally ignorant Fremantle Councillors.
Shifting monuments sideways is but a small step towards their destruction as is now practiced by the savages now rampant in the USA.
That the Council and the American savages read from the same songsheet is fairly obvious.
The idea that the once attractive town square is being remodelled to fit the lauding of a vicious cannibal (Midgegooroo) is certainly more than enough to make the latter gag. 
In the ongoing collapse of the Western economies many strange and disgusting things are coming to the fore

The Fremantle Society does not necessarily agree with the tone of the above letter, but the divisiveness caused by Fremantle Council is on show yet again.

John Dowson
The Fremantle Society
0409 223622 
3 September 2020

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