From This to That (top photo shows Woodside with its original grounds)

Appeal to Fremantle Society from East Fremantle

This is the image of what developers Hall and Prior want to introduce into Dalgety and Fortescue Streets in East Fremantle.  They want to build an aged care facility - which many people are in favour of in this location - but their proposed plan, as this image shows so clearly, will destroy the environment of the East Fremantle Woodside precinct and desecrate the heritage value of the existing Woodside House. It will also lead to the total destruction of smaller buildings on site which are also of significant cultural heritage value. 

This proposed  four - to five- storey edifice which will surround and dwarf Woodside House is currently being considered by East Fremantle Council before it goes to the State Government for approval.

The electors of East Fremantle have protested in large numbers and the proposal is still under consideration, but urgent action is needed to stop this going ahead in its present form. We are calling on organisations such as the Fremantle Society to help take action against this. 

attach an article from The Shipping News which gives more background to the proposal and associated issues.  

Please do get in touch if you are able to help or can offer advice. Given the Fremantle Society's society's excellent track record of local advocacy in the heritage area, we would be grateful for input. 

Sincere regards

Jan Gothard
57 Fortescue Street, East Fremantle

Our Immediate Response:

Hi Jan

Thank you for contacting us.

This is shocking to see. The original significant heritage is denigrated to being a minor player on the site and its curtilage is not respected. By sublimation people are increasingly being asked to accept these sort of developments as necessary and OK. 

I didnt see such disrespect for iconic buildings when I lived in the USA where they dont rush to develop every square inch of land.

The community need to appreciate that JDAP, an appalling pro pro developer construct, say they make decisions based on 'expert advice', so my advice is:

a) by all means use whatever East Fremantle Council comes up with to support your concerns, BUT

b) because that council advice will already be in front of JDAP when they meet, you need to get EXPERT independent advice and have it presented at JDAP (you get 5 minutes).

No guarantees that works, but its the system.

We will send this to our members. Attached is the image of the main building, as published in my book Old Fremantle. A great amount of the charm and significance of the property is the curtilage, which back then was huge, and still needs today to be enough to allow the building to sit in its own space.

John Dowson
The Fremantle Society
0409 223622

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