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The VFMA is a not-for-profit membership association that stands up for Victorian farmers, strengthens the viability of local producers and jointly defends our food sovereignty through the support and promotion of accredited farmers’ markets.

28 July 2022

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Food. What’s your first thought?
So much of our relationship with the subject of food is via our diets: what we had for breakfast, what's for dinner, what we buy at the supermarket or the recipe book we’ve leafed through for inspiration.
But food is more than just what’s we see at the markets and what ends up on our plates. It’s more than just a bunch of nutrients keeping human beings alive and currently it's high in the news cycle. The war in Ukraine, inflation pressures and supply chain issues are top of mind for many.

What are the questions that should define a fair, healthy and sustainable food supply?
  • Is everyone getting enough to eat – who’s going to bed hungry tonight?
  • How many of us are malnourished and what's the trend?
  • Are our communities surrounded by market gardens and diverse food production? Is that land valued and protected into the future?
  • Are our communities full of fast food outlets?
  • Are there lots of respected, creative and fairly-paid jobs associated with our food supply?
  • Are the animals involved in our food system treated with respect and honoured for their production?
  • Does the packaging and transport of the food we have on our dinner plates keep it safe without damaging the environment?
  • Do we support small-scale, low risk farming and wild-harvesting or are we cogs in a global supply chain with little or no local identity or agency?
  • Does what we eat connect us to country and does this insight connect us to each other?
At the VFMA we think food is about being Victorian and expressing our place on the planet, with all its remarkable and varied landscapes. We think food should connect us: to country, to seasons, to our producers and to each other. The VFMA actively promotes a food system that's fair, healthy, delicious and sustainable.
There’s no one right answer but food conversations with your family, friends and community leaders take us from passive recipients to active co-creators of the food system we want. And there's no more important time than now.
A powerful action is to shop at a #vfmaaccredited farmers’ market this week. Connect! Bring your friends, feel inspired at what food can be and celebrate the commitment of our producers!
Thanks for being part of this!


Connecting you directly with Victorian
accredited farmers' markets

30 July - 4 August

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