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The VFMA is a not-for-profit membership association that stands up for Victorian farmers, strengthens the viability of local producers and jointly defends our food sovereignty through the support and promotion of accredited farmers’ markets.

30 June 2022

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Every day brings news of further food chain problems. But wait! Solutions are near at hand.

(Hint hint: farmers' markets is a great guess!)

In case you wanted even more reasons beyond simply delicious, here's why you should keep shopping with us:
  1. Price. Don't assume you're paying more at a farmers' market. Comparing like with like, you'll often pay less buying it direct from the producer. No ten dollar lettuce here!
  2. Distance. Shorter distances between production and market means you're not adding to long-distance supply chains and the fossil fuels on which they depend.
  3. Regenerative farming. Many of our producers have overt principles around sustainable and - even better - regenerative farming practices. This sees land used to produce food improved by the hand of the producer, including sequestering carbon in higher quality soils.
  4. Local economy. Farmers' markets add to community engagement and economics. A farmers' market is a collective of little businesses, each employing people and working together to create a space for the community to come together around food. Money spent locally stays local and circulates value to more people.
  5. Landscape. Support for local farming can enhance the landscape. Many parts of our state are ideally suited to smaller scale farming enterprises. These work with the local physical and climatic conditions to produce food that reflects location and place: a truly localised food culture.
  6. Packaging. Look around at the farmers' market and notice how little packaging there is. Packaging - particularly plastic packaging - supports food safety and helps maintain freshness but the environmental damage is appalling. In short-chain food systems with fewer people and less handling, these issues are almost non-existent and so's the packaging.
  7. Knowledge. When you shop at a farmers' market and are buying direct from the producer, you also have the opportunity to learn more about that food. Why did they grow or produce that item? How? Why now? You can learn so much: growing, preparing, cooking and eating, enhancing one of life's most fundamental pleasures.
  8. Freshness. Farmers' markets deliver fresh products that haven't been produced for long-term storage. How much energy is taken to deliver a bunch of Peruvian asparagus to your supermarket display case? When was it picked and who's paying the invisible costs?
  9. Seasonality. Seasonality is a fundamental aspect of living in and understanding where we live. Understanding what grows where and when is part of food literacy that is almost completely absent in a supermarket. Enjoy the fleeting flavours of the year at a farmers' market!
  10. Connection to Country. As First Nations' Australians have connected to and cared for Country for tens of thousands of years, so too can newer Australians. We all need to find and feel a Connection to Country for this is where real reconciliation and healing begin.What more fundamental way than through food?
See you at one of our fully legit farmers' markets this week!


Connecting you directly with Victorian
accredited farmers' markets

2 - 7 July

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