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Hello JavaScript Air friends!

This week’s podcast comes to you from the Kansas City Developer Conference

This conference covers all aspects of software development and we’re sure to have really interesting conversations with guests Joe AndaverdeNate TaylorCory HouseMatthew Renze, and Kirsten Hunter!  

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This week’s guests


Joe Andaverde, @joeandaverde

Software Engineer, SMRxT

“It depends on what libraries you’re consuming. Some libraries have a callback interface and so you’re forced into doing that, and some libraries provide callbacks and promises. So it’s really the environment you're in and knowing all of the patterns and how to apply them.”

Speaker, Asynchronous Patterns in JavaScript 

Alex Munda, @mundaalex

Full Stack Web Developer, JavaScript KC Organizer

“You will always find people who are interested in the same things you are, wherever you are. That would be my advice to somebody trying to get [a meetup] something started in any city.”


Nate Taylor, @taylonr

Software Developer, Aviture

“One of the tips I like to give people is, if you’re doing TDD and you’re going to stop for lunch, or a meeting, or to go home, stop with a failing test. When you come back in the morning, or come back after lunch, you know what you were working on. Even if you don’t know exactly, you know ‘I have to make that test pass.’”

Speaker, TDD, RamdaJS, and Semantic UI

Cory House, @housecor

Software Architect

“For instance, I have felt a lot of fatigue as a React developer. Fatigue as in, ‘Am I choosing the right way to do Ajax calls? Am I choosing the right way to handle promises?’ Before that it was, ‘Which Flux implementation shouId I use?’ and on and on.”

Speaker, Pro JavaScript, JavaScript Showdown, and Conference Speaking

Matthew Renze, @matthewrenze

Software, Data Science Consultant

“Anytime you learn a new programming language, it kind of changes the way you think about your existing programming languages. There’s certain features in R that don’t exist in just about any other language, like the fact that it’s a vectorized language. It makes programming entirely different and you think entirely in terms of like, functional programming with these vectors.”

Speaker, Data analysis and visualization with the R programming language

Kirsten Hunter, @synedra

API Evangelist, Akamai

“We have a lot of people who believe that they can only program in one language—and it’s not true. Especially with interpreted languages: Python, Perl, Ruby, JavaScript, and PHP. All of those languages are very similar. It’s much more like a dialect.”

Speaker, Being a Polyglot programmer
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From this episode:

“I started speaking because, like a lot of people, I found it scary. I thought, I’ll at least give it a shot. Now I did never expect to find that I really liked it, but as I’ve talked to more and more speakers there's a lot of people that are that way. That thought okay I’ll try it—and my frustration is there are a lot of people who feel so strongly that if they got up there they’d be miserable. And I go, well, but until you’ve tried it—because it is nothing like when you were in high school when you were forced to explain how to tie your shoes in front of people. You’re getting to talk about something you’re excited about. You’re talking to a room of people who had a choice between—like at this conference—there are 12 other sessions they could have went to but they walked in, they sat down in your room, and they said, ‘I want to listen to you for an hour.’”
Cory House, on speaking at conferences
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