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This week’s podcast comes to you from the React Rally

Check out our conversations with guests Katherine Poulter, Sergio Cruz, James Long, Ryan Florence, and Jamison Dance!

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This week’s guests


Katherine Poulter, @katpoulter

Frontend Engineer, Apple

“Animation is great when it’s invisible. She [speaker Sarah Drasner] talked about the form afterwards where like if I were to ask somebody ‘Where is the form?’ they’d be like, ‘Oh it’s in there’ but things just kinda kept coming from it and from one animation to the next they just flowed really nicely together.”


Sergio Cruz, @hashtagserg

Full Stack Application Developer

“To me, it feels like by the community, for the community so it feels like everything is kind of centered around that from the content of the talks to the speakers to everything that happens outside of it.”


James Long, @jlongster

Software Developer, Firefox Developer Tools

“We’ve been doing a lot of work in the Firefox Dev Tools team; doing a lot of refactoring, honestly. I always think it’s interesting to talk about what that’s like. There’s a lot of pains in refactoring and I just wanted to show why it’s good to do it sometimes.’”

Speaker, Debugging Your Debugger

Ryan Florence, @ryanflorence

Co-author, React Router

“Components are pretty cool and when we first got React, we all kinda didn’t know what to do with it. But a lot of us were shipping and people would ask ‘Well, why do you like React so much?’ and it’s like ‘I don’t know, all I know is things are simpler in my brain right now and I’m shipping.’”

Speaker, Keynote

Jamison Dance, @jergason

Software engineer, Kuali Co.

“I like learning a lot of different things and I can do that all through the lense of JavaScript, which is pretty awesome.”

React Rally Organizer
React.js Program
A linear approach to learning the React.js Ecosystem

React.js Program is a project based, linear approach to learning the React ecosystem. If you want to learn or improve your understanding of React, Redux, Immutable.js, React Native, or Universal React – there’s no better place to look.

From this episode:

“So one thing I like about the talks that have been talked about is the thing I like about JavaScript which is they are so wildly different, right? There’s this talk about very UI-focused animation things and then there’s a talk about category of theory and functional programming. And there was a talk about PureScript and strongly typed functional programming and it’s all JavaScript or JavaScript-related things and I can’t think of another language that covers as wide of a variety of things.”
Jamison Dance, on the breadth of JavaScript topics
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