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Episode 44: Async Patterns in JavaScript

Hello JavaScript Air friends!

One of the distinctive aspects of JavaScript is how it deals with asynchronous operations (like reading a file or making a request to a database or server). We’re going to talk about the different patterns you can follow with async in JavaScript. 

Join us as we chat with Valeri Karpov (@code_barbarian) and Peter Lyons (@focusaurus) in Episode 44: Async Patterns in JavaScript!

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This week’s guests

Peter Lyons

Peter Lyons, @focusaurus

Links Tips
  • Seek out mentors and peers
  • Cultivate self-awareness for when your tools are not visual enough or not fast enough. Write custom tools/scripts early and often.
Valeri Karpov

Valeri Karpov, @code_barbarian

Links Tips
  • Think things through for yourself, don’t just take somebody’s word for it because they’re an “expert”
  • Write about your learnings, whether on a blog or to your team, best way to learn is to teach someone else
Kent C. Dodds

Kent C. Dodds, @kentcdodds

Links Tips
  • Do what you think is right and what you want to do.

From this episode:

“The browser input handling is a great example, that maybe the most familiar, to frontend developers. If you add an eventListener to a button, you’re just saying ‘When a user clicks this button I want to run this little bit of code’ and that’s going to happen later. And it may happen more than once. So that little function you’ve added as your event handler gets executed; when it’s done it goes back to the event loop, waiting for the user to click the button again later. That’s sort of the canonical example of, or in my mind, the most straight-forward example.”
Peter Lyons, on little known async patterns in Node
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