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Happy new year, and welcome to the first CCIMI newsletter! Its been a busy few months at the institute with our first intake of students joining us in October, along with the first CCIMI lecturer Hamza Fawzi, and our academic launch event held in November. Its very exciting to see projects taking shape, and the work of the institute being presented externally! Read on for more information, and please share this newsletter with friends or colleagues who may be interested.
The Cantab Capital Institute for Mathematics of Information (CCIMI) celebrated the naming of the Pavilion F building at the Centre for Mathematics, as well an event, 'New Directions in the Mathematics of Information', to celebrate the academic launch of the centre on Thursday 10th November. The new sign for the pavilion was unveiled by Ewan Kirk, cofounder and chief investment officer of Cantab Capital Partners, and Carola Schönlieb, CCIMI Director. The afternoon continued with a series of academic talks from Carola Schönlieb, Tim Gowers and Richard Samworth, followed by a poster session during which the CCIMI students presented the plans for their PhD projects alongside others presenting the large variety of ongoing work related to the centre.  The afternoon's seminars finished with a very entertaining presentation from David Spiegelhalter. This was followed by dinner in the central core at CMS, during which Stephen Hawking gave a pre-dinner speech, alongside a few words from Matt Killeya, Head of Research at Cantab. The event was a huge success, it was fantastic to have presentations from so many of Cambridge's eminent mathematicians, highlighting the importance of ongoing research into the Mathematics of Information.
Institute co-director Carola Schönlieb has been collaborating with the Fitzwilliam Museum, working on art restoration. This has led to the COLOUR exhibition at the Fitzwilliam museum where the work is exhibited, along with an article in the exhibition catalogue.  The work is also featured in the Guardian article Unveiled: Adam and Eve naked again after centuries-old cover-up.  Carola also presented work on art restoration as part of the festival of ideas in October, and for CRASSH in May.
The CCIMI is very pleased to have sponsored a Women in Data Science day, held at the INI, within the New Developments in Data Privacy workshop, part of a programme on Data Linkage & Anonymisation.  A number of scientific talks were given by female experts in the field, followed by a panel discussion exploring the challenges of being a Woman in Data Science. This was one of a series of events held at over 25 locations worldwide, which culminate in a WiDS Day at Stanford University on February 3 2017.
In October the first intake of CCIMI students joined and began working on PhD projects.  Ed Ayers is working with Tim Gowers, looking at automatic theorem provers, Eric Hanson is interested in quantum information theory, and will be working with Nilanjana Datta, Sam Power is studying Bayesian Statistics, with a project led by Sergio Bacallado, Ferdia Sherry is working with with CCIMI director Carola Schönlieb on machine learning and lastly, Sven Wang is interested in high-dimensional statistics and causal inference, with projects led by Richard Nickl.  These students join our affiliated students, Rob Tovey, Joana Grah and Erlend Riis.  More information on all our students and faculty can be found on our people page.  In the new year we look forward to welcoming two new affiliated postdoctoral research fellows; Lukas Lang is currently based in Otmar Scherzer’s group at the University of Vienna and will be joining us in January 2017 and Jingwei Liang, a former student of Jalal Fadili and Gabriel Peyre will be joining us from University of Caen in February 2017.
The work of the centre has been presented widely over the last few months by many of our faculty, and affiliated members.  In particular, institute director Carola Schönlieb has showcased the work of the insitute at a number of workshops and conferences.  Carola co-hosted the LMS inverse day on statistical inverse problems in Bath, 4th November 2016, as well as giving a plenary lecture at the PICOF conference in June and presenting work at the EWM/EMS survey lectures in Berlin in June, the Cavalieri Optimal Transport workshop in October, and more recently at the 2nd IMA Conference on the Mathematical Challenges of Big Data in December.

The Centre for Mathematical Imaging in Healthcare held its first user and industry engagement day, during which CCIMI co-directors Carola Schönlieb and John Aston presented work on medical imaging.  The event gave a great opportunity to connect researchers with end users, more info can be found here.
Alongside this we run a regular seminar series during term time, and have featured a number of interesting speakers this term; Irene Fonseca (Carnegie Mellon University), Sofia Olhede (UCL), James Saunderson (Monash University), Gabriel Paternain (University of Cambridge), Peter Markowich  (University of Cambridge), Hamza Fawzi (University of Cambridge), Lukas Lang (University of Vienna) and Bangti Jin (UCL).  We look forward to continuing this in the upcoming term with talks from more of our faculty and visitors, all these will be listed on
Upcoming Events
ATI workshop on Inverse Problems and Data Science, 8-10th of May 2017 (dates tbc), Edinburgh.

Gresham lecture presented by Carola Schönlieb on "Mathematics can make you fly?”, 24 May 2017, Gresham College, London.

Statistical Foundations of Uncertainty Quantification for Inverse Problems, June 19th - 22nd 2017, Centre for Mathematical Studies, Cambridge.

3rd UCL Workshop on the Theory of Big Data, June 26th - 28th 2017, London.

SIAM Annual Meeting 2017, July 10th -14th 2017, Pennsylvania, USA

28th IWOTA (International Workshop on Operator Theory and Applications), August 14th - 18th 2017, Chemnitz, Germany

Isaac Newton Institute Programme on Variational methods and effective algorithms for imaging and vision, August - December 2017, Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge, UK.

19th International Congress of the ÖMG (Austrian Mathematics Society), September 11th-15th 2017, Salzburg

Isaac Newton Institute Programme on Statistical Scalability, January to June 2018, Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge, UK.

Keep an eye on our events page, to find out about other upcoming events and to find out more about our seminar series which is open to all! 


We are very pleased to have hosted a number of visitors since the launch of the institute and look forward to visits from many more over the coming months.
Antonin Chambolle, from the Centre de Mathématiques Appliquées” at Ecole Polytechnique and CNRS visited the institute between April and July 2016.  During his time at the CCIMI Antonin gave a short lecture series on Optimization for imaging and data analysis, as well as co-supervising students in the Cambridge Image Analysis group, some of whom are affiliated with the CCIMI.
Sebastian Neumayer, a masters student at the University of Kaiserslautern is currently visiting (28 September 2016 - 16 March 2017) and working with Ozan Oektem (KTH, Stockholm) and Carola Schonleib on joint image matching and reconstruction from tomographic measurements using ideas from optimal transport.
In January we will be welcoming
 Jocelyn Etienne from the University of Grenoble (11th-12th January 2017), an expert on mechanical modelling and simulation for biophysical phenomena.  And Omri Tal, from the Max Plank Institute will be visiting (12th-13th January) and presenting some recent work on the application of information theory in modelling genetic population structure.
In February we have visits from
 Heather Harrington (10th Feb), a research fellow at Oxford Unviersity, whose interests include Algebraic Systems Biology, Mariano Beguerisse (10th Feb) also from Oxford university, who will be discussing his work on Metabolic Networks, and Mihaela van der Schaar, Director of Oxford-Man Institute (22-23rd Feb).
Peter Ochs from the University of Freiburg, an expert in non-convex and non-smooth optimisation will be visiting the CCIMI between the 3rd and 7th of April 2017.  Tamara Grossmann a masters student at the University of Muenster will be visiting between April and August 2017 to work with Erlend Riis, Orsola Rath-Spivack and Sarah Bohndiek on photo acoustic tomography.
Later in the year Professor
Christian Clason, from University of Duisburg-Essen will be visiting (29 Aug - 8 September 2017)
Keep an eye on our
events page for information on seminars, workshops and short courses being run by upcoming visitors, and do get in touch if you are interested in meeting any of our visitors whilst they are here.
Awards, Recognition and Achievements
Congratulations to many members of our faculty, whom have between them had a number of recent achievements:
Institute director Carola Schönlieb won the LMS Whitehead prize 2016 for her work on mathematics of imaging.

The Sylvester Medal 2016 was awarded to Timothy Gowers for his groundbreaking results in the theory of Banach spaces, pure combinatorics, and additive number theory.

Richard Nickl recently received a professorship, and Mike Tehranchi was promoted to Senior Lecturer.

Carola Schönlieb was elected as a convenor of the European Women in Mathematics association at the EWM general assembly in June, and was recently elected as an ATI faculty fellow, beginning her fellowship in October 2016, as well as sitting on the scientific committe of the 2016 Mathematics and Image Analysis Conference.

CCIMI faculty member, Clement Mouhot, was awarded an ERC consolidators grant.

The CCIMI has had success in gaining funding from two bids to the Global Alliance:
Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb (University of Cambridge), Miki Lustig (University of California, Berkeley), and Zuowei Shen (National University of Singapore) will lead on 'Mathematical and statistical theory of imaging' along with many other investigators at the three Global Alliance Universities.
John Aston (University of Cambridge), Anqi Qiu (National University of Singapore) and Lexin Li (University of California, Berkeley) will lead the project 'Modelling interacting high-dimensional phenotypes: Kronecker Products for Imaging, Genetics and Imaging Genetics' alongside a number of co-investigators at the three Global Alliance partners and the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI)

Richard Nickl has published the well received book 'Mathematical Foundations of Infinite-Dimensional Statistical Models'

Carola Schönlieb is a guest editor (along with Juan Carlos De Los Reyes and Eldad Haber) of the Special Issue on Learning in Inverse Problems, Journal for Inverse Problems, 2015/16, and also a guest editor (jointly with Yves van Gennip and John King) for the EJAM for Special Issue on PDE for data modelling and analysis, 2016/17.

M. Benning, C.-B. Schönlieb, T.Valkonen, and V. Vlačić,  Explorations on anisotropic regularisation of dynamic inverse problems by bilevel optimisation, submitted, 2016. arXiv:1602.01278

M. Benning, F. Knoll, C.B. Schönlieb and T. Valkonen, Preconditioned ADMM with nonlinear operator constraint, to appear in IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology TC7-2015 Proceedings, Springer, 10 p., 2016. Preprint: arXiv:1511.00425

M. Burger, L. M. Kreusser, P. Markowich, C.-B. Schönlieb, Pattern formation of a nonlocal, anisotropic interaction model, submitted, arXiv:1610.08108, 2016

M. Burger, H. Dirks and C.-B. Schönlieb, A Variational Model for Joint Motion Estimation and Image Reconstruction, submitted, arXiv:1607.03255, 2016.

M. Burger, K. Papafitsoros, E. Papoutsellis, and C.-B. Schönlieb, Infimal convolution regularisation functionals of BV and L^p spaces, Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision, 55(3), 343-369, 2016. arXiv:1504.01956

L. Calatroni, J. C. De Los Reyes, C.-B. Schönlieb, Infimal convolution of data discrepancies for mixed noise removal, submitted, arXiv:1611.00690, 2016.

L. Calatroni, Y. van Gennip, H. Rowland, C.-B. Schönlieb, A. Flenner, Graph clustering, variational image segmentation methods and Hough transform scale detection for object measurement in images, to appear in Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision, 2016. Preprint on arXiv:1602.08574

L. Calatroni, C. Cao, J. C. De Los Reyes, C.-B. Schönlieb, and T. Valkonen, Bilevel approaches for learning of variational imaging models, to appear in RICAM special issue, 2016. arXiv:1505.02120 

V.C. Cao, J.C. De Los Reyes, C.-B. Schönlieb, Learning optimal spatially-dependent regularization parameters in total variation image restoration, to appear in Inverse Problems, arXiv:1603.09155, 2016

J. C. De Los Reyes, C.-B. Schönlieb, and T. Valkonen, Bilevel parameter learning for higher-order total variation regularisation models, Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision (2016). Published online. Preprint on arXiv:1508.07243

J. C. De Los Reyes, C.-B. Schönlieb, and T. Valkonen, The structure of optimal parameters for image restoration problems, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 434 (2016), 464--500. arXiv:1505.01953

J. Grah, J. Harrington, S. Boon Koh, J. Pike, A. Schreiner, M. Burger, C.-B. Schönlieb, S. Reichelt, Mathematical Imaging Methods for Mitosis Analysis in Live-Cell Phase Contrast Microscopy, submitted, arXiv:1609.04649, 2016.

R. Hocking, R. MacKenzie, C.-B. Schönlieb, Guidefill: GPU Accelerated, Artist Guided Geometric Inpainting for 3D Conversion, arXiv:1611.05319, 2016.

J. Lee, X. Cai, J. Lellmann, M. Dalponte, Y. Malhi, N. Butt, M. Morecroft, C.-B. Schönlieb, and D. A. Coomes, Individual tree species classification from airborne multi-sensor imagery using robust PCA, IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, PP(99), 2016. 

C.-B. Schönlieb, Partial Differential Equation Methods for Image Inpainting, Cambridge Monographs on Applied and Computational Mathematics (No. 29), Cambridge University Press 2015.
  • The CCIMI welcomes applications for fully funded PhD Studentships, beginning October 2017.  If you are interested studying in the field of the Mathematics of Information (note we welcome any related projects, not just those listed on our website) please get in touch or look on our webpage to find out more.  Be aware the application deadline is coming up very soon!
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