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January '18 Update

2018 Already?

It's hard to believe Christmas Day was nearly three weeks ago, and that we're almost halfway through January!

Like many, I have set myself a few yearly goals, thought about how I'd like this year to differ from past years, and spent my share of time with my "nose to the grindstone" in support of those goals. As I've gone through this process, I am ever aware of the many changes I've said I'd make in past years that never happened. I do my best to not assign myself fault, but instead to think about what may have led to my drifting away from past goals. 

To say I have been in deep thought about goal setting, task management, planning and how those relate to my ADHD mind would be an understatement. While it's not yet a goal, I wouldn't be surprised if a new group coaching program sprang forth from all of that thought later this year. 

I encourage you to treat yourself with compassion as you set forth on your goals for this year. Be careful to avoid the perfection trap. Remember, you have the power to change your goals as desired. Most of all, try not to dwell in the past, but instead live in the present while thinking about the future. 

Speaking of Goals...

I've written an article about resolutions/goals for the next edition of ADDA's Insider newsletter. In the piece, I discuss an often overlooked requirement of goal setting. Be sure to subscribe to ADDA's newsletter to get the article. 

New Year, New Content

Yesterday, I published a post about how I've increasingly started to embrace "This ADHD Life" as my brand. The now obvious to me decision has already started to simply my life and thoughts. 

While the post has full details, the benefit to you will be more content throughout the year and a return to livestreaming (more below)! I've already started eight new blog posts, have the title and content for my next podcast ready, and my list of videos to record is growing at a fast pace. 

Throughout the process of deciding on "my brand", and establishing the goals and their supporting tasks to make the most of This ADHD Life, I have had the guidance, and wisdom of my fabulous Coach, Jay Perry. He's supported me the entire time, and has really helped me to expand my belief in my own potential. Thank you Jay!

Livestreams are Back!

During the month of October, I tried my hand at livestreaming and enjoyed it quite a bit! Unfortunately, due to the busyness of the holidays I wasn't able to keep streaming In November and December, but I'm back at it. 

Kindly do me a quick favor by responding to quick survey I've created to gauge best days, times, and platforms for "going live" and connecting with you. 
Along with changes to the website, more content, and a renewed focus on communications, I am also revamping my Patreon page. 

Patreon is a platform that allows fans (you) of creators (me) to support us. During 2017 I had half-heartedly created my page and am now in the process of making a space I can be proud of. While my main source of income is still from Productivity and ADHD Coaching, I've not failed to notice they uptick of others supporting people with pledges. A couple of "limiting beliefs" also had to be processed before I became comfortable actually asking you, and the public, to help me on my mission of helping folks "Live a Great Life, Regardless of ADHD traits."

I'll send a note once the page is completely revamped, but for now consider this your invitation to join at the level you can afford so as not to miss the increased special-interest content available only to my Patrons. 

What's Next for You?

Now that you've read a bit about my plans for 2018, what does the year hold for you? Who is helping you plan your year and stay on track. I mentioned above how valuable my coach has been in helping me to realize my ambitions. How would coaching help you? 

I have a few spaces open in my practice at the moment. I've recently revamped my enrollment process to make it easier on my clients, and me. I've also updated my "What does coaching cost" post, to more clearly explain what I charge. I've even added a "Pay What You Enjoy"* option for those that would like to pay more (or less) than my advertised rates. 

Ready to get started? Book an Introduction to Coaching call now. 

*More on "Pay What You Enjoy" in my next newsletter.

So Long for Now

That's it for this edition of the newsletter. Next week I'll be in Toronto attending a unique coaching retreat that will surely give me even more to write about and record in the future.

Wishing you a great 2018, 
-Coach Keith
Please Pardon the Lack of Perfection

Were I to spend as much time "perfecting" this email as I'd like, there's a good chance it would take me over a day to complete. Should you notice a typo, mal-formed thought or some other error, please pardon this lack of perfection. 
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