Selam friends!

Life happens everywhere and at every moment, but when you are "on the road" it is when you place yourself exposed and open to receive all the manifestations, all tastes, all smells, all textures and all colours that life has to offer.

This time the winds took me to many different places and luckily I was not alone, as I have called the medicine woman and musician
 Rila Köksal to accompany me into this journey. I have met Rila on my first days in Istanbul and instantly we have connected with a strong admiration and respect about each others story and path but mostly through our strong connection and taste in music!
As we have already worked together on my event
The Love Ritual with great success, I have invited her to join and facilitate with me to the CO:IN Psychedelic Festival without imagining that our trip will turn into a a small Odyssey!

From Istanbul to historical Izmir, to the monuments of Ancient Ephesus and to the sacred Mount Ida (
Kaz Dağları), we have travelled, performed music, held Music Therapy sessions, created ritualistic atmospheres, enjoyed amazing nature, danced, met new fantastic people, applied our healing but most of all delivered the message of The Music Medicine.

So here I am again, sharing past and forthcoming news and wishing that you will find inspiration through my stories and continue to listen the music of your heart!

Let's dive into the journey...
First stop...
the CO:IN Psychedelic Art Festival in Izmir.
People who know me well know that I don't come from the Psychedelic scene and to be honest I surprised myself when I accepted to work in this kind of festival and apply Music Therapy sessions. But I don't like to say no to challenges so there I was saying YES to the unknown and NO to my limitation beliefs, which has proved a blessing and a really rich experience!
We arrived at the festival spot - which was taking place inside a huge horse house! - the day 27, when things were still under construction and people were just arriving and we found a beautiful spot behind the Healing Area (picture bellow) to place our tent and our numerous luggages (hello musician life!).
We enjoyed our afternoon and night wondering around, discovering the art and the different artistic surprises, getting familiar with the place, the people and of course... the music!
The following 3 days we had the mission to hold the Healing Area by giving 2 hour long Music therapy sessions (short video clip herewith instruments and chants and for our surprise that area has literally transformed into a sanctuary for those who were tired of partying, who were looking for relaxation and connection or even wanted to escape from the music of the festival itself!
That area become our manifestation and meeting point with many people who were simply looking for more than a typical "drug and trance" experience. From Taro and Power Animal Card readings, to collective Hang Drum improvisations and Sacred Geometry Painting. From Yoga with Instrumental Music to Musical Ceremonies that lasted until the rise of the Sun, that spot was blessed with magic that united diverse souls and gave us the feeling that a new tribe was emerging... The Music Medicine tribe!
Between the surprises of the festival, we had the luck to meet and connect with incredibly talented people like the artist and performer Tonguç Gökalp (short videos of his performance here), Can Bolel (picture bellow) that made us fall in love with his great heart and his incredible Inphinity Design art and Seb Taylor from Kaya Project (picture bellow) that completely blew our minds with his fantastic heart opening Dj set!
We definitely left the festival with diverse feelings...
Satisfied and overwhelmed with the happenings, the beautiful energy and honestly expressed love and embrace of the people also with the need of people to connect in a harmonious way, yet worried with the quality of the music that the festivals hold and the effect that had on people (lack of sleep, stress, anxiety and aggressivity) which made us wonder and wanting to discover more about this fact on more festivals around the globe!

Closing the first chapter, I will leave you with a short photographic taste of the feeling of the festival and switch to our next stop...
Pictures above by Celim Celebi.
Next stop...
the Ancient city of Ephesus.
It was impossible to resist even though the extreme heat! We have decided to visit the famous for the 1001 springs and pure oxygen, Mount Ida, and the ruins of the Ancient city of the so known Ephesus were on our way!
So we decided to postpone for few hours our trip and pay a visit to walk around, admire and worship the ancient spirits of the city!

We jumped on a horse carriage that takes the way outside the ruins, dropped off on the upper gate and walked all away the city until the exit.

The experience was short but fantastic, the pictures talk by themselves...
Few minutes stop to the local shops and restaurants where local women prepare handmade pies!
Last stop...
Mount Ida (Kaz Dağları).
"When god sends messages even deaf can hear" and in this case God Zeus was calling me (it is said that Mount Ida was the birthplace of Zeus).
Numerous were the people that mentioned me this place and told me that it is a "must see" and they were not wrong!

After the festival experience we needed a place to rest and there was no better place than this. The natural beauty that we found left us breathless and made us postpone our trip and return for 5 more days!
We found our refugee at the Hizir Kamp. - known for hosting spiritual events and retreats of diverse lines - and we surrounded ourselves with the greenest green that held us in the comfort of the silence and the song of the summer bugs. A crystal clear river with the cleanest water that was passing through the camp, washed our tiredness away and refreshed us on a daily basis.
Yet as our spirits were hungry to share and the camp. was hosting a Yoga retreat, new opportunities for sharing our healing message emerged and we got back into job keeping an equilibrium between pleasure and work!

Dj set, Music Therapy sessions, Animal Power Card Reading and a Woman's Circle were among the offerings we shared with the hosts of the camp.
Music Therapy on the dome of Hizir Kamp.
Woman's Circle with Rila Köksal around the fireplace of Hizir Kamp.

Before we leave the camp. I found some time in isolation and allowed the nature to inspire me and drag out of me the colours I carry inside and on an effort to leave behind something more than a peace of my soul, I have made this design on one of the rocks I found on the river, left my mark and claimed... "I was here"!
OUF!... It was a long trip... I guess for both YOU and ME!
On the following mail I will share with you news about the Sema (International Sufi Gathering) - which I am visiting and will record and shoot -  as well as new music and playlists to make your days and nights more harmonious!
Thanks to ALL of you for being with me and a part of my journey!
* * *
HAUX (Blessings) from the forest,

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