Our year began with a physical reunion at the Ashridge Estate (Hertfordshire, UK) and continued virtually in our 8-bit office.

Core2 Research

We added Matt and Dan to the team, pouring fresh energy into XTDB R&D. It's time to share that research now. The XTDB "Core2" repo is now public! 🥳

There is still much work to do before a stable release, but we’re very excited about this concept.

Strange Loop 2022

We've also been busy meeting users. Virtually, we love hearing from folks on Twitter, Zulip, and our forums.

We were fortunate enough to attend :clojureD in Berlin this year. And we will be at Strange Loop 2022 next month. It's a fantastic conference, and we're proud to support it as platinum sponsors.

The team is presenting at Strange Loop. Håkan Råberg will talk about Light and Adaptive Indexing for Immutable Databases and Jeremy Taylor will run a workshop on Bitemporal Data Management with XTDB.

Jeremy has created a small taster for his workshop. If it sounds like fun, you can register via the link above. We hope to see you there!

XTDB Workshop Promo | Strange Loop 2022 | Bitemporal Data Management

Immutable Databases

Since we eat, sleep, and breathe immutable data, it’s often easy for us to forget that not everyone takes immutable databases for granted — or even has a clear idea of what they are.

To help set a baseline, we’ve released a video describing the 5 qualities of immutable databases we consider essential.

What is an Immutable Database?


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Thank You

As always, we are extremely grateful to the many folks in the XTDB community. Thank you for contributing your time and energy trying new releases, finding bugs, and spreading the word about XTDB!