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SmartWork is an active project that involves 10 partners working together to create age-friendly working spaces and to support older workers to maintain an active professional life.  

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SmartWork Deployment Phase:
Entering testing phase of the integrated prototype of the SmartWork system

On February 1st, 2021, the SmartWork technical partners (Byte, UPAT, SPARKS, RRD, COIN, IPN and RtF-I) met online to discuss the achievements of the two years of the project and to establish the roadmap towards the deployment of the final prototype of the integrated SmartWork system. In particular, the second year of the SmartWork project was highly intensive in regard to implementation of technical activities, with a large number of final prototypes of components being delivered by...

Get to knowSmartWork service:
Some time ago, I was visiting a friend at home and his older father was in the living room reading the news on his brand new iPad. The father suffered from presbyopia and cataracts, so in order to see the screen he used an old, Sherlock-Holmes-like magnifying glass. I asked my friend, a younger, technology-savvy guy, why... READ MORE+
Get to knowSmartWork service:
SmartWork aims to support older workers and all workers in general in various aspects of their life spanning from the monitoring of their physical and cognitive health to the provision of assistance in their every job tasks. A central component of the project is the DigiTeam service, which aims to... READ MORE+
Get to knowSmartWork service:
The ambition of SmartWork’s holistic approach is to support active and healthy ageing at work for older office workers, through a suite of smart services, building a Worker-Centric AI System for work ability sustainability. In other words, keeping ageing people working for longer by supporting them with... READ MORE+


Meet our Partner RRD

The Research Team at Roessingh Rehabilitation Center

What is the main role of RRD in SmartWork?
Roessingh Research and Development (RRD) is one of the technical partners in the SmartWork project. Particularly, RRD is the main responsible for the development of the healthyMe smartphone application and the iCare service.

What was the idea behind your participation in this project?
The concept of the SmartWork project fits the RRD mission of “enabling people with a physical or cognitive disability to participate in society as independently and meaningfully as possible by smartly making use of new technology”. One of the most important ways to ensure that people participate in society is to guarantee that they can keep working for as long as possible, according to their possibilities and wishes.

What added value do you expect SmartWork will bring to your researcher center and its researchers? 
With the SmartWork project, the research team at RRD is deepening its knowledge on the application of digital health solutions to support health and wellbeing at work and at home. Furthermore, the SmartWork project gave us the opportunity to greatly upgrade our technology platform, specifically focusing on the re-design of the mobile application.
SmartWork is happy to share the news of the other projects that work in the area of AI for health and wellbeing in the workplace.
We are exploring the synergies between our actions and cooperate for better results and impact.
New progress on the WAOW tool, the in-lab tests, know the workingage target audience, and stay tuned

The WorkingAge team has been working hard in recent months to complete the development of the WorkingAge Of Well-being (WAOW) Tool. The WAOW Tool aims at ... READ MORE+
Seefar project and Artificial Intelligence in medicine

Try to imagine a world where AI is able to organize patient routes, treatment plans better, providing physicians and doctors with all the information they need to make better decisions every day... READ MORE+
BIONIC: Reduce physical stress at the workplace using intelligent sensor network

Incorrect strain on the musculoskeletal system, repetitive movements or an ergonomically unfavourable posture lead to complaints for many employees. Especially older employees often suffer from... READ MORE+

You can meet SmartWork team at the following events:
           22-24 February 2021, Palermo (Italy)
           25-27 October, 2021, Valletta (Malta)
           24-26 April 2021, Prague (Czech Republic)
          10-12 May 2021, Trieste (Italy)
SmartWork project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 826343
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