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JS3 in the Flesh

Two months have passed since the grand revealing of the JS3 but we are still as excited and in awe as then. It has exceeded our expectations in so many ways including achieving the fastest speed at the WGC 2017. The JS3 truly is a masterpiece with beautiful profiles making it as much a good-looking glider as an aerodynamically efficient one. It is not just a new body,  it has also advanced in technology with a complete electronic makeover including electronic seat adjustment, rudder pedal adjustment and heated boots.

Jonker Sailplanes' design philosophy was to create a competition glider with high performance in all weather conditions without compromising its handling ability. Therefore an all-rounder glider that performs great in strong conditions but with wing loading variations so that it can also win in weak European conditions.  The aim was to make the glider as light as possible but to still meet the crash worthiness requirements. The M&D Jet Sustainer, which is optional on the JS3, is also relatively light (only 16kg) making the wing loading still acceptable for competition flying with the Jet installed.  The JS3 is currently a 15 meter glider with the highest wing loading but, according to Uys Jonker, carries the load easily, even feeling like a light glider.  According to Uys the ability of modern profiles to carry the weight is the key to the performance enhancements of a modern glider. In light of this the JS3 is born.

JS1-C Revelation

Still a revelation
Although the JS3 Rapture stole the spotlight at the WGC the JS1 Revelation refused to stay in its shadow and proved once again that it is the best and most popular glider in the Open class. Out of the 35 competitors flying in the Open Class, 23 flew JS1's and 7 out of the first 10 places were held by JS1 Pilots. Although only 7 out of the 43 pilots flew JS1's in the 18m class, two JS1 filled the top ten places and most importantly took the first place position. 
Congratulations to the following February birthday guys & girls working at the JS factory:

February 2017 
-8th Andrew Molekane
-10th Lenandi Coetzee
-11th Boineelo Modibedi
-15th Michael Mabe
-19th Ruzaide Cloete
-25th Rowan Hill

Also congratulations to the following people in the extended JS family:

February 2017
- 2nd Tomasz Chudoment
- 3rd Zelda Pharoah
- 9th Frank Bonfils-Persson
- 10th Jakob Degn Jensen
- 12th Keno Doden
- 13th David Coggings
- 14th Lukasz Wojcik
- 16th Marjori Strydom
- 24th Lars Elvering
- 27th Erazem Polutnik
- 27th Ron Sanders

Congratulations to the following new World Gliding Champions:
Open Class
1. Russell Cheetham (Gold)
2. Michael Sommer (Silver)
3. Andrew Davis (Bronze)

18 Metre Class
1. Killian Walbrou (Gold)
2. Mario Kiessling (Silver)
3. Mike Young (Bronze)

15 Metre Class
1. Sebastian Kawa (Gold)
2. Makoto Ichikawa (Silver)
3. Lukasz Grabowski (Bronze)

We are proud of you, well done!

34th World Gliding Championship 2017

The 2017 World Gliding Championships was definitely an unforgettable event for Jonker Sailplanes. This was the platform where we  could present our new product, the JS3 Rapture, to the world, but we faced a  few challenges. Firstly we needed to complete the glider in time and secondly we needed to get the glider there in time. But Jonker Sailplanes never backs away from a challenge and the JS3 successfully arrived in time to show itself off in the flesh.

This was also the first World Championship where not just one but two JS1 revelation pilots won the championship, which is a tremendous honor and achievement for Jonker Sailplanes.

Tricky weather conditions resulted in 5 of the 11 racing days being cancelled. Weather conditions included high cloud streaming and low temperatures. According to Championship director Terry Cubley, "racing tactics was very important if you wanted to win and the scoring system did not allow people to make any mistakes or try something different". 

Unfortunately two mid air collisions took place during the event. One mild crash, where both pilots were able to land and fly again the next day and a more severe crash which resulted in both pilots needing to parachute. The injuries sustained was not from the crash itself but mainly due to landing with parachutes in strong winds.

Although the weather was trying and days needed to be cancelled there were still 6 days of exciting racing and the championship was overall a great success.  

To read more on Terry's article you can follow the link below
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Flying a plane in a plane

The impossible was accomplished with Jonker Sailplanes being the first glider manufacturer to fly two gliders inside a Qantas passenger 747 Boeing.  A vast amount of planning and designing was required to make this possible and to ensure that the Qantas airplane would not get damaged in any way during loading of the JS3’s and during flight.  What at first seemed like an impossible endeavor became possible and both JS3's arrived safely in Benalla in time for the World Gliding Championship.
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South African Team

This was the first time that South Africa was represented by a complete team with pilots competing in all three classes. Uys and Attie Jonker, as we all know, competed in the 15m class, Pieter Nouwens and his son Marcus in the 18m class and Oscar Goudriaan and his brother Laurens in the Open class. Considering the tricky weather conditions and the caliber of pilots that competed in the event the South Africa team can be proud of their overall performance. Final rankings were as follows:
15m Class:
Uys Jonker 11th
Attie Jonker 12th

18m Class:
Marcus Nouwens 20th
Pieter Nouwens 35th

Open Class:
Oscar Goudriaan 4th
Laurens Goudriaan 22nd
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