With a load of new products hitting our warehouse take a look at our New Release products from SVS Australia - including our Slimline series monitor range, Ford Ranger integration reverse camera kit, Waterproof Touchscreen 10.1"  Monitor, Mirror replacement 8.5" Full screen Monitor with 2 camera Recorder, Microwave Sensor system  to our 4 Sensor Reverse alarm with LED display.
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Ford Ranger Integration Module
10.1" Waterproof monitor
8" Mirror DVR 2 Camera kit
SVS100VPS.MIC - Microwave Sensor System - Audio with Visual Overlay
Slimline Series
Compatible with our 200 Series range of high quality heavy duty products - suitable for applications where it has to last. 
Slimline 5"Monitor
  • 2 Camera inputs
  • 2 Triggers wires
  • 10 - 32vDC
  • Auto Brightness
  • PAL/NTSC Auto Sensing

Kit Options:
SVSc205/1 - 1 Camera Kit
SVSc205/2 - 2 Camera Kit

Camera Options
200 Series Camera heavy duty range 
SVS200SCM Self Cleaning
SVS200CTMS Twin Camera Self Cleaning

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Slimline 5"Monitor
  • 4 Camera inputs
  • 4 Triggers wires
  • 10 - 32vDC
  • Single - Split - Tripple - Quad image display
  • Auto Brightness 
  • Auto PAL/NTSC Sensing

Kit options:
SVSc207/1 - 1 Camera Kit
SVSc207/2 - 2 Camera Kit
SVSc207/3 - 3 Camera Kit
SVSc207/4 - 4 Camera Kit

Camera Options
200 Series Camera including Self Cleaning Shutter Cameras
SVS200SCM Self Cleaning
SVS200CTMS Twin Camera Self Cleaning

Web Link - SVS Slimline»
Ford Ranger Integration
Integration module for Ford Ranger so you can add the extra trailer camera or rear view camera if you have a canopy...we have modules to suit Sync2 and Sync3 OEM displays. Utilises Steering Wheel Controls (SWC) to operate.
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Full 2 Camera 8.5" Mirror Monitor/Recorder - the new SVS108MMDVR has 1 built in forward facing camera and a 2nd Reverse camera that has two image camera. Normal driving will have you looking out the rear of the vehicle and when you put it in Reverse (or Trigger) the camera will drop and add reverse lines. Such a great recorder and does not add more clutter to your dash. Records both cameras to built in SD Card.
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SVS adds a standard reverse sensor KIT to our range - the SVS100VPS.1 system has an LED display with distance indicator to object. Our 4 Sensor kit is easy to install with Visual and Audio alarm with indicators - this adds to our Kits which overlays the distance marker on your monitor and this new kit introduces a more standard type system to our range.
 Web Link - SVS100VPS.1»
Utilising Microwave Sensor technology the next generation SVS100VPS.MIC detects through harsh conditions, Dust, Snow, Rain, Hail, Temperature and Fog. Ideal for harsh environments and detects only moving objects. Has Audible and Visual Output, when combined with a Camera this system has 5 Zone visual overlay in the Screen. Provides Visual and Audible output with 1 Input Trigger and 1 Output Trigger to active as required.

Need a kit - we have a full range of kits for each of our products. We build kits to suit your requirements.

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SVS2010MT - Need something bigger but needs to handle the tough work? Then check out our TouchScreen 10.1" Aluminium Chassis Waterproof monitor. 

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