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Austin Electric-Guitar Phenom Eric Johnson Unplugs for a Journey to Self-Realization on New Album ‘EJ’


Born and raised in Austin, Eric Johnson is among the pantheon of such Texas electric guitar masters as Johnny Winter, Albert King, and Billy Gibbons. But Johnson has always embraced a wide range of musical styles, and he’s played whatever instrument was best suited for his music. As the late Stevie Ray Vaughan once said of Johnson, “He does incredible things with all kinds of guitars—electric, lap steel, acoustic, everything.”


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Collings T-Series Redefines Tradition


Collings' new traditional T-Series of dreadnought and OM-size guitars reflects a return to Bill Collings' guitar making roots, offering an exciting new tonal variation on the distinctive Collings sound.  Developed with input from acclaimed guitarist Julian Lage and vintage expert Jim Baggett, not to mention Bill Collings' own 40 year history crafting fine acoustic guitars, the new T series is designed to deliver strong projection and a warm, fundamental tonal response characteristic of vintage guitars from the 1930s era.


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Video Lesson: 5 Ways to Build Your Rock Rhythm Guitar Rudiments


Guitar players often spend a lot of energy working on lead playing and perfecting single-note technical exercises. Yet developing your sense of time and rhythmic vocabulary won’t just make you a better rhythm player, it will make you a better lead player, and a better musician overall.


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Guitar Catalog 2017


Sign up to receive a copy of Eastman Guitars 2017 Catalog. We are excited to give you this exclusive look into our 2017 product line.

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Becky Warren Turns Personal Hell into Poetic Song on New Album War Surplus


In “Anything That Lasts,” a melancholic acoustic ballad on Becky Warren’s new album War Surplus, the Nashville singer-songwriter artfully captures the perspective of a veteran home from deployment: “Your heart gets broke, you’re gonna wanna die / Holding an M16 or a case of Miller Lite.”


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Enter to Win The Original Guitar Chair!


The Original Guitar Chair was designed with the combination of a physical therapist’s knowledge of ergonomics and the artistic ability of an architect, resulting in a chair that gives you the comfort and support you need, while being so beautiful you will be proud to perform in it. MSRP value of $399, don’t miss your chance! Enter by January 31st, 2017.

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