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I think I am back!

Thanks for sticking with me despite the lack of updates! It has been almost two years since I have updated my blog. I have not been sitting idle all that time - I have been doing readings, teaching students, and presenting at conferences. But, my blog was overcome by events. I just seemed to always have something more important to do and - not gonna lie, the weekly (or was it bi-weekly - it was all so long ago...) updating was getting tedious.
This time around I am not going to put myself on a rigorous schedule. I will post when I have something to say. The downside is that my followers won't have a predictable time to check for a new post. But the plus side for you is that I plan to release a newsletter notice the night before so you will always know first. 
I hope that by allowing myself the freedom to post when inspired to do so that I will not find it an onerous task that is expected of me. Things tend to lose their fun for me when I "have" to do them. In any event I have to be gentle with myself, especially in these strange, trying times.

I updated my website!

My website had gotten hijacked and I couldn't figure out how to fix it, so I started a new one from scratch. Please check it out if you get a chance. I pared it down and I am only offering readings and classes now. While I still do work for old clients, I am not looking to take on anyone new. I prefer to devote most of my time to divination, writing, and teaching.

Taking My Own Advice

I am working on my second book on bone reading, which I hope to have done by the fall. It is the second time I have started it. The first time I got quite a bit done, but when it was time to start working on the art I stopped. This time I have salvaged what I could from the first book, updated some of it and written a lot of new content. I am almost as far as I got last time, but this time I plan to do a little of the art at time so that I don't feel overwhelmed. I always tell clients to "eat the elephant one bite at a time." I am now taking my own advice.


I'm Not Oprah But...

picture of Death Witch Divination OilI have decided to start a section in the newsletter called "Things I like." This edition, I like - actually I love,  a divination oil made by The Death Witch. It can be purchased from RitualCravt online. I like oils because they are versatile in use. They can be used for the obvious, like dressing candles for spell work. But they can also be used to consecrate our tools, and even ourselves.  
Got a new piece for your set? Cleanse it with water, scented water, incense and whatever else you use to cleanse your new pieces. Then consecrate it with a tiny dab of Divination Oil. Getting ready to do a bone reading? Use this oil to consecrate your head around the third eye after you say your prayers and call your ancestors. Cleaning your reading space and divination altar? A drop in your cleansing water along with any washes and scented waters you use will help set the energy making it conducive for readings. Of course, you can put a few drops on your reading candle as well. 
The oil barely has a scent, so it won't overpower you or your space. But don't be fooled - it is powerful stuff! It is made with all natural ingredients that are gathered from places specific to the work. They are made in small batches and worked and prayed over. It is a time and labor-intensive process. Each oil has a spirit that you can feel when you open the bottle. Even the bottle is pretty. No over-sweet aroma and dyed carrier oils here - It is pure, and beautiful, and it will look great on your altar. This is good stuff!
If you are ever in the Denver, Colorado area, please do yourself a favor and check out this shop. I promise you won't be disappointed. They even have a healthy selection of real animal bones!  It is truly amazing! We do the Mile High Conjure Gala there.

What Strange Times We are Living In

We are several weeks into the Covid 19 crises. Many of us are at wit's end wondering how we will pay theBuzz the foster cat bills and keep food on the table. Others are OK financially, but are wondering to themselves what to do to keep their children from driving them insane as they are not just nurturer and protector now, but teacher, guidance counselor, and day camp activity directors as well. Ugh! Even old retired folks like me who have no children at home are tired of calculating whether taking a trip to get take-out is worth the risk considering our age and our pre-existing conditions. It's crazy making! Fortunately, we as bone readers have our bone sets, which I hope are like trusted old friends who never judge, but never shy from telling you the truth. I find my set comforting in times of trouble. If a bone throw tells you nothing it else, it will tell you that change is coming. Nothing can stay the same forever. We will get through this.  
I hope that you all are coping well in the current mess we find ourselves in. In addition to the crises, it seems all of the other news that they let sneak through the crises crust is bad too. I am not going to tell you to use this time to work with your bones, or update your bone reading journals, or anything else. On top of everything many of us are feeling guilty that we have enforced down time and are not being what we consider "productive" with it. You don't have to be productive. If you got up this morning, got out of bed and brushed your teeth, you have had a good day already. Oh, you are still in bed with the blankets pulled over your head? That's fine too. Whatever circumstances you find yourself in, you are doing enough. It is enough.

In times like these we need to be gentle with ourselves. Diviners are often so busy doing for others and trying to help clients that their own lives are neglected. We need self-care too. So be gentle with yourself. The world won't be gentle with us, so we have to do it for ourselves. If peeking out of your blanket fort and then running back under is all you accomplish today, then you have still had a productive day. You did at least peek out. Sometimes that's the best you can do. Sometimes you can't even do that. But it’s OK.
I hope and pray that you and yours are in good health and remain so. For those who have lost a loved one or friend, I pray that you can bear the burden and carry on. The pain never goes away, but we do learn to carry it better with time. Above all I hope and pray that we all get through these times without letting them steal all of our joy. The world needs all the joy we can find in it.
*Buzz is my current foster cat. He too has decided not to come out of his laundry and pillow fort.

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