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Rural iKNOWations n.1 - This publication not only represents for us a new instrument for sharing local knowledge-based innovations with all the people who follow us and work with us for an inclusive rural transformation, but also a collection of highlights on life-changing learning paths, local champions who really make the difference in their territories and institutions, and good practices as effective footsteps in the direction of sustainable development. This first issue showcases a summary of the most relevant initiatives implemented in 2016 with our partners in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Procasur and IFAD working together to learn from practice and promote South-to-South cooperation

Procasur and IFAD have jointly organized the second Programme Steering Committee (PSC) of the Cross-regional Programme "Strengthening Capacities and Tools to Scale-up and Disseminate Innovations", as well as the learning event Learning from practice. Connecting Innovative Solutions for the Global South, both held at IFAD HQ in Rome, on February 9, 2017.

The PSC meeting was aimed at discussing the progress, the relevant thematic areas, and the way forward for the IFAD-Procasur Programme. It was Chaired by Ms. Margarita Mateu, Director of Agricultural Development at AGRORURAL, Ministry of Agriculture of Peru, and was attended by several IFAD project directors.

Local Knowledge for Global South Innovation - Cross Regional Program, Year 1
A short visual recap of IFAD/PROCASUR Cross-regional Programme 1st year

The goal of the programme is poverty reduction in the rural areas of LAC, ESA and WCA. Its main objective is to enhance implementation performance and impact of rural development projects in LAC, ESA and WCA by increasing access to knowledge, capacity building and scaling up of good practices.

Effectively on-going since February 2016, the Cross-regional programme covers three Regions, mainly: East and Southern Africa (ESA); Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) and West and Central Africa (WCA). In addition, collaboration and learning will be facilitated and promoted across the different regions with the aim of capitalizing learning in a cross regional perspective.

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The Learning Territory on "Cavies breeding for food security and income raising of rural families” in Peru. An opportunity for South-to-South Cooperation

The Learning Territory we are talking about, focusing on innovations in breeding and reproductive management of cavies, is in Cajabamba, Cajamarca Department, Peru and has been established by PROCASUR with La Molina Peruvian University (UNALM) certification of the Local Champions, within the framework of the Cross-Regional Program “Strengthening Capacities and Tools to scale-up and disseminate innovations”, supported by IFAD. But, first of all, what a Learning Territory means?

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How leveraging Learning among civil society alliances can effectively create opportunities to fight malnutrition in Africa

I have been able to see a number of good examples in Rwanda about how multi-sectoral platform can effectively work at the district level and at the community level, and I have seen the way the community owns the nutrition initiatives and also how the private sector is playing a key role to ensure that malnutrition is reduced in the country”.

This words, extracted from an interview to Christine Muyama, representing the Uganda Civil Society Coalition on Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) in the Learning Route organized in Rwanda from October 30 to November 5, 2016 by the SUN Civil Society Network (SUN-CSN) in collaboration with PROCASUR and the SUN Civil Society Alliance (SUN-CSA) of Rwanda, partly resume some of the most significant reasons and expected outcomes of implementing a Learning Route on solutions to tackle malnutrition.

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Nuevos caminos para fortalecer S&E y la gestión del conocimiento en los proyectos FIDA de la Sub-región Andina

Los sistemas de Seguimiento y Evaluación (S&E) siguen representando uno de los problemas que más afectan los proyectos de desarrollo rural apoyados por el FIDA en América Latina, en términos de dificultades para registrar, medir y comunicar los resultados e impactos de sus intervenciones.     MORE

The inclusive rural transformation led by Local Champions and shared through the Learning Routes in Asia

The ROUTASIA II Programme, implemented by PROCASUR in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Nepal, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam with IFAD support ended its activities in 2016, and the Final Completion Report was just published. The programme enhanced learning and the sharing                MORE

IFAD, FAO and PROCASUR promote learning exchange for youth empowerment and generational relief in rural areas of the Caribbean

For the first time a Learning Route has been organized by PROCASUR in Guyana, focusing on "Rural Employment and Self-Employment Initiatives" , within the framework of the Strengthening Decent Rural Employment Opportunities for Young Women and Men in the Caribbean Project implemented by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) with support from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).

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Adaptation to Climate Change in Rwanda and Mozambique. A new learning initiative in agricultural production and post-harvesting

“Climate change issues are pertinent all across the World. One moment we are experiencing floods and the next we are facing extreme drought. The climate change euphoria that is with us right now will not be permanent. We need to seize this opportunity to do things right and learn from each other’s experiences. The learning route is a great opportunity to bring together families to come and learn from each other” Robson Mutandi, IFAD Country Director in Mozambique.

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Opening pathways to learning and innovation in the Semi-Arid region of the Brazilian Northeast

Sharing and scaling up innovations and disseminating successful experiences necessary to rural development was at the heart of the partnership established in 2013 between PROCASUR and SEMEAR Program. The partnership promoted and facilitated Knowledge Management processes within the six projects supported by IFAD, spread across seven states in Northeast: Bahia, Ceará, Paraíba, Pernambuco, Rio Grande do Norte, Piauí and Sergipe.              MORE

Scaling-up the LR approach to KM for enhancing IFAD supported projects' performance in Sudan

The LR capacity-building tool has a proven track record of integrating and promoting local rural development knowledge and experiences that includes exchanges among project staff, grass root organizations, the private sector, and local champions from the field in order to determine the best practices with scaling-up potential. This interaction continues after the end of the LR journey, allowing projects to develop the methods and tools to adapt innovations.                       MORE

The inclusive agricultural value chain approach at the core of IFAD strategy to fight poverty and inequality in Senegal

“The role of PROCASUR in facilitating this process of knowledge sharing and management along the value chain is crucial. Unless we share our local knowledge, outstanding innovations and the best practices from the field that have scaling-up potential, we can’t reduce rural poverty in a sustainable way.” M. Luyaku Loko Nsimpasi, IFAD Representative in Senegal

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