2020 Fall Buy-Get Program
We hope you are all having a pleasant and safe summer so far. As you gear up for this Fall's Back-to-School (whatever that may end up looking like in 2020), we encourage you to participate in Gamblin's Buy-Get promotion to help boost sales and drive foot/curbside/click traffic to your store.

Retailers that opt-in will receive 25 Solvent-Free Fluid mediums in a 2oz size. Artists that spend $30 or more on Gamblin materials will be eligible to receive the free Solvent-Free Fluid medium, a $7.00 value. This medium gives painters more opportunities in solvent-free techniques, with less compromise. More information on Solvent-Free Oil painting can be found through our website.

As always, this promotion is fully funded by Gamblin and is available while supplies last. For your marketing efforts, an image of the Buy-Get item is downloadable through our Retailer Resources image library. This promotion may be run both online and in-store. 

To opt-in, please reply to this email with your store's address, contact name, and phone number. Kits will ship out in the next week so you can start promoting in August and September, in parallel with our Fall promotional period. 
Name Changes to Three Colors
At Gamblin, we put our heads, hearts, hands, and everything we've learned into everything we do. We listened to painters and retailers, and we took action to change the names of three of our colors. Caucasian Flesh Tone will change to Naples Orange. Indian Red and Indian Yellow will make the simple change to India Red and India Yellow. There have been no changes to the formulas of these colors.

If you have not already done so, please read our painter email announcement for further information on the changes.

What does this mean for your ordering and rack strips?

The item numbers, price/discount, and UPC will all remain the same. This is a rolling change, and you may expect to see the Naples Orange on orders in the next month or so. India Red and Yellow will be later this summer. We will have new product images available once all new labels are in-house.

It's an easy update on your strips once you start receiving the newly labeled tubes. Just like with the "Hue" removal on Naples Yellow, some white-out over the "n" on Indian Red and Yellow does the trick.

An over-label can be created in Outlook, Word, or other editing programs to cover CFT. Use font "Garamond" at 10pt.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or feedback. We appreciate your partnership in our mission to lead oil painting into the future. 
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