Limited Edition Reclaimed Earth Colors Set
Shipping to you later this month. Dropping to artists March 19.
We are very happy to introduce our Reclaimed Earth Colors set. Every speck of pigment in these tubes has been painstakingly reclaimed from waters tainted by iron released from mines. 

We collaborated with engineer Guy Riefler and artist John Sabraw to develop Gamblin Reclaimed Earth Colors. The purchase of this oil paint set supports a hard-working team of teachers and students making the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers healthier ecosystems. 

Gamblin is the first company to make paint, or any product for that matter, with these pigments. We ignored our development costs, set the price low, and are donating over 20% of our sales on the set to support their project. 
How can I buy some of the sets?
This is a Limited Edition set. To start, we have 2,500 sets ready to ship out to you. Because of the small run, we are only selling the set direct to retail partners. It just doesn't make sense for our distributors given the small and limited quantities available, as well as the charitable nature of the effort.

Please complete our order form and email it to
Sets will start shipping out during the last week of February.

Click here for the downloadable order form.

Discount for this special set is a flat 40% off list for all of our retail partners, with three tiers for shipping based on quantities purchased. For retailers that do not have an account with us, payments may be made by credit card. Here are the details on the set itself:

Item number: 101113
List price: $39.00
Net price: $23.40
UPC: 729911011133
How does the launch work? How can we participate? 
Gamblin will announce the set to artists through email and Instagram communications on March 19, the first day of spring. We're encouraging retail partners to re-post or otherwise share the announcement that day or in the days following our announcement. Images and copy will be loaded on our Retailer Portal shortly, and we'll give you a heads-up when they're there.  

We are asking retail partners to not discount the set at all. Instead, we're encouraging retailers to donate a portion of sales to support the efforts of John, Guy and team. Donations are tax deductible and may be sent to the John Sabraw Fund for Art and Innovation at Ohio University. We'll get you the details as to where to send donations in a future communication. 
Tell me more about the colors? Are they safe? Lightfast?
Iron oxides make beautiful, lightfast, and safe colors. Our Reclaimed Colors are as safe as any other iron oxide based color, such as Mars Black and Venetian Red. 

Brown Ochre: Naturally opaque and warm with a golden undertone. Lightfastness II (Very good)

Rust Red: In its transparency, it carries the warm colors of rusty water. From the tube and in mixtures, Gamblin Rust Red is exactly what you'd expect: an earthy red-orange. Lightfastness I (Excellent)

Iron Violet: We're betting this will be many artists' favorite Reclaimed color. Meet the first mauve Gamblin has ever made. Straight from the tube, it's a deep, earthy violet. Add white and it becomes the violet you see in clouds at sunset or dawn. Lightfastness I (Excellent)
Sometimes being responsible means taking responsibility. 
We admire the courage and determination of John, Guy, their team of students, and community members who've volunteered their time and access to their land.

These fine people have stepped-up to heal ecosystems and hard-working communities long-abandoned by industries that took what they wanted and left the consequences for others to carry. You inspire us and we are proud to stand with you. 

Always forward. Together. 
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