Barnes Primary School Newsletter 19 - 14th March 2017
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This week’s photograph show yet more wonderful outcomes from Arts Week 2017, along with 3M pupils’ work (immediately below) from one of Olivia’s small art group.

News in Brief

Attendance last week was 97.5%

Reminder: Resilience Day – Monday 20th March - On Monday 20th March we would like parents to slip a folded note into their child’s book bag that mentions how they found something hard when they were at school, how they struggled with it and had to be resilient to achieve success (even if that success proved to be a modest one). The note may relate to an academic issue or a personal or social one. On that day all pupils will be asked to bring their notes to assembly. All classteachers will be present and they will share their past struggles with the pupils. We hope that this show of adult struggle and resilience will send a very clear and helpful message to the children.

Big Pedal Day: please can children come in on scooters and bikes as super heroes on the last day of term (Friday 31st March).  Don’t forget the £1 for charity!

Nominate pavements for repair - residents concerned about the condition of pavements in their local area can now nominate them for repair.  Please click here for further information.

Mortlake Brewery Redevelopment - further information and dates to view site plans can be found by clicking here.

For SEND (special educational needs) news and updates, please visit the dedicated page on our school website.

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Sports Events coming up


15th March           2 pm Borough Swimming Gala Finals @ Pools on the Park

                            2-3.30pm Boys football League Quarter Final vs Marshgate @ Christ’s


22nd March          Boys School Games Football Finals @ Crystal Palace – all day event


                            10 – 12am Y3/4 Girls Football Tournament @ Kew Association FC


29th March           Primary High 5 Netball Finals @ Old Deer Park – after school
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Theatre Voices Seeking New Teacher

Theatre Voices is comprised of a group of seven Year 4 children, all of whom have a passion and talent from musical theatre. As well as fun singing warm ups and drama games, they largely spend their weekly session working towards LAMDA musical theatre exams. The exam requires them to perform a musical scene which includes dialogue and two songs. Unfortunately the current group leader is unable to continue working with the children, so we are looking for an enthusiastic person who might have the skills to takeover the group, all of whom are desperate to carry on with their studies. NB No qualifications are required to enter students for LAMDA exams! 

If you are interested please contact Karen Warner
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Gill Hines is an Education and Parent Consultant who has done some very good work at our school in the past. She also has enormous experience of working closely with Richmond primary schools and other schools elsewhere in London. Her website is:
Polly Kelynack and I would strongly recommend Gill as someone who has enormous skills in supporting parents with parenting issues. Gill is available for private referrals and her contact details appear on her website.
Gill has agreed to offer three workshops at Barnes. Thirty places are available at each of these evening events. A place will cost £15 per participant.
  • Tuesday 21st March at 6.30 pm in the Key Stage 2 hall – Managing children’s anxiety
  • Tuesday 25th April at 6.30 pm in the Key Stage 1 hall – Managing problems with the behaviour of other children
  • Tuesday 17th October at 6.30 pm in the Key Stage 1 hall – Dealing with an angry child 
 To book a place on any of these workshop please click here.

Following these workshops Gill has also offered to run some small group clinics at Barnes for those who would appreciate some further support. These will take place on the following dates:
  • Tuesday 28th March, at 3.30 pm – Managing children’s anxiety
  • Tuesday 2nd May, at 3.30 pm – Managing problems with the behaviour of other children
  • Tuesday 7th November, at 3.30 pm – Dealing with angry children
To reserve a space at the clinic please email Jo -
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Annual parent survey

Many thanks to all parents who kindly took time to complete this year’s survey. 163 parents (44%) responded.

10 very positive comments

  • What I like most about Barnes Primary School is that it is inclusive, open minded and always looking to improve. It has outstanding teachers and inspirational leadership.
  • We love Barnes Primary School for its wealth of educational opportunities and its consistently high standards and expectations.
  • I cannot fault the school. It is friendly, constantly striving for ever higher results, and the children get a wonderful varied curriculum. Almost every week there is something special that they count down to.
  • I love the school and its ethos so much. It has been hugely influential in helping my children achieve to their potential. I feel blessed that we have had BPS in our lives. I couldn't have asked for better.
  • I think everyone really is committed to excellence and to doing their best for every child regardless of circumstance and ability.
  • Overall we are extremely happy with Barnes Primary School. The academic standards achieved by my children continue to amaze me. But also, we love the atmosphere at the school and the focus on the children becoming well rounded, kind and considerate.
  • 10 out of 10 from us on all counts.  Amazing job done as ever from a great team. We are very fortunate to have BPS in our lives.
  • I am delighted and amazed by the job the teaching staff do at Barnes Primary School.  Every opportunity to learn and think is utilised.  I see huge benefits from the work done as "talk partners" to deepen understanding and clarify thinking.  The school environment and the displays of children's work are so impressive and it is good to see some of the older displays being changed to make way for current work.  I am extremely grateful that my child has the chance to benefit from this wonderful education.  Thank you all for what you do. Please make sure your staff know that we think they do a wonderful job, tirelessly, with enthusiasm, talent and dedication, every single day.
  • The school encourages/challenges the children to be the best that they can be. It continuously strives to create a stimulating, nurturing and rewarding learning environment. BPS seizes learning opportunities as they become available.
  • It is a privilege to attend such an amazing primary school. I believe the school has offered both my children fantastic experiences - trips, music and sporting opportunities, after school clubs - and the chance to achieve and shine. The school provides a happy, loving and supportive environment in which to develop.
10 critical feedback comments
  • While some of the home learning projects can be fun, please be aware that these take the children a considerable amount of time to complete (3-4 hours). I just ask therefore to please think about the amount of time that these tasks are likely to take before setting too much additional work on top (for example, maths sheets). Some of our precious family weekend days have been dominated by home learning.
  • In line with Mr Hartley's ‘less is more’ article in the recent newsletter I think there should be considerably less homework given to the children. They cover a huge amount during school hours and for the working family, weekends are very often negatively dominated by home learning tasks. It restricts our family from doing fun relaxing activities together as the weekend is the only time we can give to home learning.
  • The website could do with an overhaul - I'd be happy to help.
  • My child usually enjoys playtimes but has commented on how often they get kept in at playtimes this year.
  • More focus on girls sport and team matches.  Also inclusion of everyone in school plays and class competitions.  Everyone knows that the same kids can read and speak out as they have been included in everything since they arrived in the school, while others have not featured once.
  • I would prefer the school menu to not have cake-related pudding every day. I think at least every second day should have only fruit & yoghurt after the main meal.
  • Sometimes the tone of the communication to parents in the newsletter tends towards critical and hectoring.
  • Whilst I know staff commend the school lunches - the kids experience seems to be different.  Although the menu presents choices, apparently they regularly run out depending what time you get into lunch, choosing vegetarian is 'not allowed', jacket potatoes are not available . . .
  • The quality of performances at Barnes is very high and wonderful but sometimes it would be nice to have more informal performances / readings / presentations/ assembly within each class. So all parents get to see their children perform in some way and all children get this opportunity. 
  • They seem to go to Kew every year. She had a trip to Kew in Reception, 2 trips to Kew in Year 1 and now another trip to Kew in Year 2.  She does enjoy these trips and gets a lot out of them, but maybe more variety in future?
Changes or improvements you would like to see
  • Too much homework; more homework needed; better homework; drop in homework club? - 14
  • Sport: more team matches for those not picked first; more provision for sport for less inclined; more sport for KS 1; more girls' sport – 10
  • More supervision of young children at playtime; better supervision KS 2; foam padding around KS 2 goals – 7
  • School lunches; less cake related puddings; bigger portion sizes;  less spicy food in KS 2 – 7
  • The house system to be more about team building; judged by an adult; greater inclusion of different pupils; let the less obvious pupils shine – 6
  • More information about children's progress – 6
  • Uniform still not smart enough; can girls wear pinafores? – 3
  • Enrichment – pupils reaching a set standard; transparency; daily provisions from teachers – 3
  • Communicating how behaviour is dealt with; improve children's social skills – 3
  • More art – 3
  • The newsletter: don't publish tendentious material simply because someone sent it to you; patronising tone in the newsletter – 3
  • Year 2 please don't go to Kew Gardens for a trip! – 3
Points made in further comments (not mentioned above)                            
  • Very happy, no major complaints; we appreciate how good the school is – 34
  • More informal performances, not just polished productions – 3
  • Can there be more notice of trips? – 3
  • Having a child counsellor is greatly appreciated – 2
  • Year 6 pupils being kept in too much at playtime: they need the exercise – 2
  • Can school trips be by coach as there is a high 'terrorist danger threat' for public transport – 2
  • Unclear about how assessment bandings work – 2

64 parents made no response in this section

Please click here to see Numerical findings. Corresponding figures for 2016 appear in brackets.

Analysis of findings

  • Overall the feedback is very strong. There were high percentages in the strongly agree; agree; always and usually categories for the vast majority of statements. In addition, many extremely positive comments were made in the open ended further comments section.
  • It is abundantly clear what parents like about our school. We will strive to continue to offer what parents want for their child(ren). We will also maintain our commitment to continuous improvement
  • Twenty-six pages comments (on A3) were received and there were an enormous number of diverse points made. Frequently it was only one parent who made a specific point (29 occasions). Every comment has been read. The additional comments made will be discussed by the leadership team, the teachers and the governing body
  • There were some common themes that emerged within these comments. The most frequently mentioned topics were:
  • concerns about the type and amount of homework and its impact on family life
  • the school needing provide for pupils who aren’t as naturally good at sport
  • some concerns about playground supervision
  • views about how school lunches might be improved
  • the need for greater inclusion in house events and a different voting system
  • could the website format be updated to make it more user-friendly?
  • requests for more information about children’s progress.

As a reflective listening organisation we will respond to all the criticisms and suggestions made. Our considered response will be delivered through the school newsletter over the coming weeks following our internal discussions. Thank you again for responding.

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Barnes Primary has been awarded the Food for Life Silver award for its healthy and climate-friendly food culture. The school is working with Food for Life to transform the school’s food culture and that of its local community, by connecting the children with climate-friendly and healthy food.
In its quest to achieve the Food for Life Silver award, Barnes Primary serves school meals on plates, not flight trays, has a range of free range, local and organic items on the menu. Pupils can attend a cooking club and get to cook and eat the produce they have grown in school. Parents and the wider community get involved too through food themed events. 
Barnes Primary is now working towards the Food for Life Gold Award – the ultimate award that recognises schools which use practical learning experiences to reconnect young people to the food they eat, following the journey from field to plate. 
To attain Gold we need to demonstrate that we are a hub of good food culture in our community, actively involve parents and community groups in cooking and growing activity. School meals will need to be least 75% freshly prepared, with some items local and organic, and more than 60% of pupils are choosing to eat school meals. Every pupil has to learn to cook and have the opportunity to grow food, and groups of pupils will be actively involved in the life of a local farm.  We have already achieved many of these requirements and hope to be submitting our application for Gold shortly.
Independent research, summarised in a new report ‘Good food for all’ reveals the success of five years of Food for Life. The evidence from three independent research studies focuses in particular on four main areas of impact: children’s health, tackling inequalities, improving education, and local enterprise and sustainability.
All the children who made a public speech, either in their classroom, or as a house representative in one of the school halls are to be commended. The competition was greatly enjoyed by all those lucky enough to hear the speeches.
Overall champions were:
Year 3   Amelie Feld, Beverley
Year 4   Oscar Thomas, Castelnau
Year 5   Matt Edwards, Bank
Year 6:  Julian Roberts, Bank
Other winners
Year 3  Sophie Harkin; Milo Turcan; Isabella Hadfield
Year 4   Emily Gorley; Joe Greatholder; Eashan Aldridge
Year 5   Hannah Oram-Adams; Georgie Pass; William Shone
Year 6:  Gabriel Pavanello; Josie Evans; Felix May
House points
1st                         Bank                             10 points
Joint 2nd                Beverley and Castelnau  7 points
4th                         Mortlake                         4 points
Overall points table (after 8 events)
1st  Mortlake            66 points
2nd Castelnau          57 points
3rd  Beverley              50 points
4th  Bank                  48 points
 If you have some free time after the Easter holidays, and you are a parent or grandparent, you could help other families with pre-school children in Richmond or Kingston borough. Local charity Home-Start is offering a free course to train you to be a home-visiting volunteer, supporting families with difficulties such as post-natal illness, bereavement or disability. The course will run 10am-2.30pm, every Thursday for 7 weeks from April 27th to 15th June (not half-term). After the course, you would visit a family for 2-3 hours a week. For more information, please contact Angie Ahmed on 020 8487 8500. or visit Registered charity no: 1108975.
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Big Names Line Up for the Barnes Children’s Literature Festival

Saturday 13 & Sunday 14 May 2017

DON'T FORGET that our mighty Barnes Children's Literature Festival returns to Barnes Pond on Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 May 2017 with sixty fun events over the weekend for young book fans and their families.

This year the line up includes Michael Rosen, Nick Sharratt, David Baddiel, Francesca Simon, Tony Ross, Clare Balding, Lucy Worsley, Judith Kerr, Axel Scheffler, Steve Cole, Lauren St John, Anthony Browne, Floella Benjamin, Ade Edmondson, Christian O'Connell, Guy Parker-Rees, Sarah McIntyre, Nicholas Allan, Katherine Woodfine, Jim Smith, Michelle Robinson, Matt Brown, Professor Robert Winston, Alex Bellos and Marcia Williams among many, many others.

There'll also be a new interactive Harry Potter stage show, a concert version of Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes and three workshops with the Oscar-winning creators of Wallace & Gromit, Aardman Animations.   

The full programme will be announced before tickets go on sale next week at

Also, if you have a child in KS2 who would like to take part by introducing one of the authors over the weekend please get in touch with Claudia Gizejewski

Community Notice - THE ROCK & ROLL RECRUITS 

HOLIDAY MUSIC CAMPS (8-11 & 12-16 y/o)

Our courses offer a great opportunity to meet new friends and have an authentic experience of playing in a band. Our courses promote accelerated learning, build confidence and inspire children to play more music.

This 4-day music camp is the perfect chance for youngsters to play in a group and jam with a band, whilst working towards a public gig at the end of the course in a London music venue. All abilities and instruments welcome. All tutors are professional musicians with a wealth of experience in music tuition and the live music scene. All tutors have an enhanced DBS certificate

Take a look at one of our previous camps

We are currently recruiting for EASTER BREAK 2017


11:30am 3:45pm each day

The camp is held at –


121a Mortlake High Street SW14 8SN

Please contact us if you are interested or have any questions.

The Rock & Roll Recruits Team

07545 543 357
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Community Notice - Space Hopper Challenge: 29 May 2017


TickTheBucket and London Flashmob are organising the Space Hopper Challenge, an opportunity to break the world record for the most people on space hoppers (and two other surprise world records too)!


We’re contacting local schools in Chiswick and Barnes and inviting them to come along and take part.


It’s a golden opportunity for pupils and their families to tick off ‘getting a world record’ from their bucket lists and also to have a great day out whilst doing it.


Children and parents can spend their bank holiday Monday (29 May) enjoying a picnic and drinks on a beautiful spot along the Thames in west London while squeezing in some retro hopping and bopping time too on the classic childhood toy. There’ll be adult and child size hoppers so the whole family can get involved!


There’ll be games, music, friendly competitions, food stalls, and lots of other people to mingle with in a festival atmosphere!


A free space hopper is included in the ticket price and there will be some exciting surprises announced in the run-up to the event.


We'd love for you to add this to your calendar and get the word out there so your pupils can get involved!



Facebook event:

Twitter: @UK_Flashmob and @tickthebucket #spacehopperchallenge
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Direct debit mandate.
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