Brexit Exit - What Next? June Newsletter 2016
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Brexit-What Next?
A question that is probably on the mind of many of you reading this newsletter! I have had a couple of emails from owners asking me my thoughts, and I'm really sorry if my responses were vague and un-informative (Maybe I should have been a politician!) Factual information pre-referendum was scarce and well, post-referendum, there seems to be even less, from the outside looking in, I just get the impression that everybody has got a bit bored with the whole thing and regardless, daily life carries on! As part of a minority of expats who have lived outside of the U.K. for more than 15 years, I didn't actually have the right to vote, which in hindsight seems a little unfair as the result is more likely to affect my daily life than most! It seems that any changes, whatever they may be are going to be 'long' coming to fruition, and I for one am not going to be sitting around for the next couple of years putting off my aspirations, waiting to see what happens!
On the upside, sterling hasn't taken quite the knocking thus far that was expected, scaremongering tactics of Euro parity still seem far off and a more conservative devaluation of around 5 to 8 percent seems to be on the cards, although we might see Euro chipping away at Sterling over the coming weeks if it can pull itself back against the US dollar!
Closer to home for me anyway, the last weekend in June saw Spain's General election campaigns coming to an end with the population going to the polls! On a Sunday of all days! Our children have just broken up for their 13 weeks school summer holidays and many Spaniards would have been moving their families to their summer residences, so why the overall surprise that turnout to vote was lower than expected!  Not much has changed in regards to the result from last November, collective intake of breath though as the far left Party, Podemos didn't win more seats as was expected and actually lost some to PP, Party Popular, who have the majority share of seats, but still not enough to Govern without making a coalition with another party! Looks like another Caretaker Government whilst negotiations get under way to form a coalition, you may have guessed that I am apolitical, if the results were pretty much the same at this poll as the last, and PP were unable to form a government 6 months down the line, is it possible that they will be able to do something this time? However, during the course of the last six months there have been a couple of positive comments in relation to the airport at Corvera opening from two Caretaker Minsters, Ana Pastor, Minister of Public Works was in the Region of Murcia and was very positive about the airport franchise AENA bidding for the running of Corvera, plus Pedro Morenés, Minister for Defense who was quoted as saying that The Spanish Air Force will be relieved when it can use both runways at Murcia St Javier airport!
Ending a busy weekend at the end of this month, lackluster performances by both the English and Spanish football teams see both exit the Euro 2016 competition, as the England game wasn’t on National Spanish TV, I had the pleasure of watching it with a German commentary (no offence but probably the most boring commentary that I have ever heard) and the local Spanish population couldn’t help but keep pointing out that the population of Iceland approximately 325.000 people is much smaller than the population of the Murcia Region at approximately 1.5 million! Needless to say, I didn’t wait for the second half, is an Iceland v Wales final a possibility?

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                                                          Property News
As could probably be expected, with some of the fantastic bargains that have been available on property for sale here at Hacienda del Alamo, uptake and interest has remained high during the month! Although there has been an air of caution with clients waiting to commit until after Brexit, regardless of the outcome most have held firm on their commitment, for most, a purchase here in Spain is a ‘Lifestyle’ change that is being guided by the heart rather than the head and with a potential delay of a number of years before things become clear, like me, most are not prepared to put their aspirations and dreams on hold for any longer!
Vendors and potential vendors based in the UK, you may or may not know this but it is possible to advertise and sell your Spanish property in Pounds Sterling! If you have outstanding Spanish finance on the property or are going to re-invest in Spain or Europe, it’s probably not a good idea, however if you are thinking of taking the money back to the UK, this is certainly an option that you could consider! Spanish taxes and costs are still paid in Euro and a figure for the value to be put on the new title deed is calculated at the days exchange rate, but the Lions share of the sale can be paid by Sterling Bankers draft, we have had our first instruction to sell in pounds sterling and this could potentially be a way forward for UK based vendors to guarantee an amount in sterling! MSB, a firm of Lawyers based in La Manga Club and Headed by Senior Partner, Angel Morenilla are well versed in this procedure as sterling sales have been very commonplace at LMC over the past years!
I was invited by Sareb to view ‘The Boulevard Apartments’ at the Mar Menor Golf Resort this month, having driven by them many times on the way to the airport, I didn’t really have any inclination to go! The offer of coffee and cake did finally win me over and I am glad that it did, internally the apartments are very spacious (for this style of apartment) and half of them overlook the Golf Course and Resort of the Mar Menor, I am still waiting for confirmation that ownership of these apartments give you access to discounts for Golf and tennis within The Resort but for anybody wishing to own their slice of Spain, this is a relatively inexpensive way of getting your foot onto the property ladder.
For those who have visited recently, you may have noticed a couple more huge signs pop up advertising plots (second line) and modern villas for sale. Also down by Phase IV & V they have started to clear another section of land for a repeat of modern villas, I have asked for further details from both agents selling these products, it’s good to be kept informed and to date, have had nothing back from either. One of the Agents hasn’t got anything on her website, so I figure that was
just an excuse to get an advertising board up, whilst the other dedicated website has some information on the proposed properties that they are going to build, if you take a moment to look closely at the plans, if you don’t take into consideration the size of the windowless underbuilds, the actual villas are looking very small!
Check out Mar Menor Golf Apartments on Home Kare's Rightmove
On The Resort
Out and about on the Resort this month there has been a very positive vibe, the celebration for the Official Birthday of Her Majesty the Queen was well attended at The Academy, well organized by The Ladies Association at HDA, over a hundred people gathered together to enjoy a fine ‘Hog Roast’ and it was good to see the Academy Bar open again, with dancing by some late into the afternoon. Maxim and Luca, although both British Citizens have spent probably no more than a week in the UK each and were excited to be asked to The Queen’s Birthday, they were a tad upset because Her Majesty didn’t actually turn up!
June also saw the end of season party for our ‘Junior Football Teams’ hosted at The Spaniard Inn,  Home Kare, proud sponsors of CD Hacienda del Alamo were pleased to welcome just under a 100 children and parents who enjoyed a BBQ supper in the courtyard. Much to our surprise, medals and trophies were handed out by Adrian Marin, first team player for Villareal FC and The Spanish National Team, under 21's. Although none of our teams topped their league this year, none of them were bottom either so we will take middle of the table as a positive result.
Once again, it’s great to see lots of new owners out and about and the transformation of some of the gardens and exterior of some of the under loved properties taking shape around The Resort. Please feel free to pass on this Newsletter to anybody that might not be receiving it, you may have new neighbors here who would also like to receive it regularly.
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Ops I did it again, another public FB epiphany, even at my age I can manage it at least once a month!
Friday 24th June - UK woke this morning with that hangover feeling, 'oh I'm not doing that again!' Too flipping late, you voted out of the EU, words fail me!

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