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Research Computing + Cyberinfrastructure

COVID-19 Update

RCCI continues to provide cyberinfrastructure services and resources that support data analysis and other research activities. While no longer on campus, we continue to monitor our regular support channels and are able to meet over Zoom if you need assistance. Please reach out if you need help with access or would like to have a conversation on ways to optimize your current research activities while remote. We are committed to continuing the education and research mission of the university.

RCCI Maintenance

Quarterly maintenance is scheduled to begin Wednesday, April 8, 2020 at 9 a.m., with regular operations expected to resume by 9 a.m. Thursday, April 9. Our activities during this period will include head nodes patching, compute node re-imaging, storage additions and firmware updates, and other smaller maintenance items.

Rider HPC Utilization

Over the last few weeks, usage of Rider has grown due to a shift in research activities. In order to address increased utilization, several improvement projects have started to provide additional CPU compute capacity to the cluster. As we bring more capacity online, we are monitoring utilization and will make adjustments as necessary to make sure job wait times are within appropriate ranges.

Guidance on VPN Usage

As a reminder, VPN and DUO two-factor authentication are required to access RCCI services remotely. To learn more please refer to guidance in The Daily.

Technology for Remote Teaching and Working

UTech has put together technology resources for remote teaching and working. The guides and tools are available on UTech’s website.

Pre-Award Resources

Funding agencies often require detailed language about the computational resources that will be used as part of a research project. To facilitate the application process, RCCI has created proposal templates detailing the design and capabilities of resources such as the High Performance Computing Cluster.  The proposal templates are available in Box for review.

If you are planning to apply for external funding and would like assistance with areas such as data management or resource budgeting contact RCCI at

OnDemand HPC Web Portal

Access to Rider and Markov cluster resources are available through the OnDemand web portal. OnDemand provides productivity “dashboard” apps that feature file browsing, a terminal, and job submission management and monitoring. Additionally, interactive applications provide a web-interface to Jupyter, RStudio, as well as a full desktop environment.

Service Options for Data Storage and Archival

UTech provides several cloud and on-premise (campus based) services for processing and storing research data. A resource guide has been added to RCCI’s website to help promote available storage options for researchers. 

Upcoming RCCI Workshops

High Performance Computing Skill Building

Working with Containers
April 15th, 1:00 PM   Zoom webinar
Register Now [Containers]

Working with Singularity Containers will provide a top-down overview of methods for building and running Singularity containers. Topics include a high level discussion of software architecture and basic container concepts, and will progress to more technical concepts including acquiring containers from existing repositories (e.g. Docker), building customized containers, and running containers on the HPC. Practical experience will be gained with hands-on examples.

(Working/Advancing) with GPUs
May 18th, 1:00 PM   Zoom webinar
Register Now [GPUs]

This course offers a short overview of GPU and mostly hands on sessions on getting the HPC compute nodes with GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) installed in them for light weight computationally intensive operations. It will talk about different Software with GPU capability including the GPU use in Deep Learning. This course gets you started with using GPU resources in HPC for computational intensive part of your code to improve the performance of your job.

These workshops complement the earlier topics covered this semester:

  • Personal software installation (gnu-compiler, R modules and Python packages)

  • Working with the OnDemand HPC Web Portal

  • Winter Warm-up:  HPC Introduction

To learn more, please check out our Canvas RCCI Workshops site.

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