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New Research Storage Infrastructure

In 2012, RCCI began offering research storage to labs that needed access to large amounts of storage capacity accessible by both the HPC and campus workstations. The service has grown to support over 50 labs that consume over 700 Terabytes of replicated storage capacity.

In order to continue operating the service, RCCI is in the implementation phase of refreshing the production storage system, with the goal of providing additional capacity and capabilities. The selected storage system is designed to scale to multiple Petabytes and initially provides one Petabyte of storage capacity in both UTech data centers for recovery purposes. In order to assist with the transition, the project team will be contacting each lab to offer support and will provide updated information on the future of the service.

Upcoming HPC Maintenance

Maintenance on the HPC cluster and other RCCI services will be conducted on April 17, 2019.  During maintenance, RCCI plans to patch the HPC head nodes, replace HPC network switches, upgrade Research Dedicated Storage systems and upgrade other to-be-determined services. A formal announcement will be made closer to the maintenance date to ensure that users are aware of the downtime and affected services.


CyberInfrastructure Day 2019 highlights the role of cyberinfrastructure (CI) supporting research conducted at CWRU. The RCCI team of UTech hosts the event, and the program for 2019 features speakers, a poster session (concurrent with provided lunch) followed in the afternoon by short talks and an RCCI User's Group meeting.

RCCI is very pleased to introduce the invited speakers for CI Day 2019:

Jennifer Carter, Materials Science & Engineering
Title: Data Science Enabled Design of Interface-Rich Materials

Blanton Tolbert, Chemistry
Title: Structures of protein-RNA complexes that contribute to viral pathogenesis

Sudha Chakrapani, Physiology and Biophysics
Title: Cryo-EM reveals “near-atomic” details of Serotonin (3A) Receptor function and drug-modulation

Jesse Berezovsky, Physics
Title: CWRU and the Second Quantum Revolution

RCCI User Group Meeting:  Join RCCI at 2:00 pm on April 4 to learn the plans for the upcoming year, to share your experiences using RCCI services and resources and to provide your own views into how RCCI may better support your research.

The user group meeting program will evolve based on input received from your feedback. There will be a 'State of the CI' presentation, and, if there is interest, a "choose-your-topic 'flash-talk' session" (1 slide with 2 min per speaker), open Q&A in full session as well as opportunities to discuss in small groups. Let RCCI know what would benefit you through the registration form, or by email to

Registration for CI Day is open through 4/4/2019.  
Application Deadlines for HPC Programs

RCCI is pleased to promote a wide array of upcoming programs and offering from across the US. Please visit our Application Deadlines for HPC Programs Google Calendar and add it to your personal GCal!

March 30, 2019

SIGHPC Computational and Data Science Fellowships

ACM SIGHPC and Intel have partnered to create Computational and Data Science Fellowships, a 5-year program to increase the diversity of students pursuing graduate degrees in data science and computational science. Specifically targeted at women or students from racial/ethnic backgrounds that have not traditionally participated in the computing field, the program is open to students pursuing degrees at institutions anywhere in the world. The 2018 cohort of students will be the third cohort of students.

April 01, 2019

Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Training for Modeling Physical Systems

There is a critical national need for the development of scientists with expertise in modeling and simulating physical systems on the most powerful computers available. Many pressing problems require this scale of extreme computing in order to make significant advances that contribute to the national welfare, such as stewardship of the nuclear stockpile, developing advanced energy technologies, and discovering new physical interactions and materials that may revolutionize technological sectors of the economy or our thinking about nature itself. In order to address this need, RCCI is hosting a three-week summer school, preceded by a three-day computational boot camp, at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. This program is aimed at graduate students and advanced undergraduate students. The boot camp focuses on basic computer skills that are needed for the more advanced material and methods that are to be covered in the summer school.

April 01, 2019

NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Site: Cyberinfrastructure (CI) Research for Social Change 

The CI Research for Social Change REU at TACC is actively engaging 10 undergraduate students each summer for nine-weeks in solving real-world problems of national relevance, teaching them to not only be critical thinkers, but to be creative and reflective as well.

April 08, 2019

Computing4Change Program 

Are you an undergraduate student who wants not just to enhance your skill set, but also to create positive change in your community? Computing4Change is a competition for students from diverse disciplines and backgrounds who want to work collaboratively to:

  • Learn to apply data analysis and computational thinking to a social challenge

  • Experience the latest tools and techniques for exploring data through visualization

  • Expand skills in team-based problem solving

  • Learn how to communicate ideas more effectively to the general public

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Please visit our Video Tutorial Page for more training materials for some of RCCI's various resources.


Title: 2019 Cyberinfrastructure Day
Time:  9:00 A.M. - 3:30 P.M.
Date:  Thursday, April 4, 2019
Location: Tinkham Veale University Center

CyberInfrastructure Day 2019 highlights the role of cyberinfrastructure (CI) supporting research conducted at CWRU. Join RCCI to learn about their plans for the upcoming year, to share your experiences using RCCI services and resources and to provide your own views into how RCCI may better support your research.


Title: DataFest 2019
Date: April 12, 2019 - April 14, 2019
Location: Nord Hall, Room 356

DataFest is open to all undergraduate students of any major at CWRU. Individuals should organize themselves into teams of 2-5 prior to registration. Be sure to check out RCCI's FAQ. Please contact for any questions

Title: Research ShowCASE 2019
Time: 9:00 A.M. - 3:00 P.M.
Date: Friday, April 19, 2019
Location: Veale Convocation Center

On Friday, April 19, 2019, hundreds of researchers, scientists, and scholars will come together for the annual day of discovery, collaboration, and community.

Held in conjunction with the Spring Intersections, Research ShowCASE provides evidence of how research brings value to our community and the world. Exhibits of real-world applications, critical insights and creative and intellectual activities will be on view highlighting the full range of research at CWRU.

Research ShowCASE is free, open to the public and held in Case Western Reserve University's Veale Convocation Center.

Questions?  Contact

Title: 2019 Petascale Computing Institute Registration
Date: August 19-23, 2019

Case Western Reserve University will be a host site for the 2019 Petascale Computing Institute.

This week-long event will feature lectures and hands-on engagement with leadership class computing resources around the country. Please review the agenda for details.

Register now! This institute is free and open to everyone. For more information, including the agenda, sites, and how to register, visit the website

Keynote Speaker: Gordon Bell, an HPC Pioneer
Talk Title: Man vs. Machine: The Challenge of Engineering Programs for HPC 

The goal of the institute is to prepare attendees to be able to scale their computational codes to leadership-class computing systems.

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