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High-Performance Storage Upgrades

Over the coming months, Research Computing + Cyberinfrastructure (RCCI) will upgrade its high-performance storage system to support the broad range of high-performance applications hosted on its university clusters. The new system doubles RCCI's storage capacity and provides both high-density flash drives used for fast access to metadata and small files, and large SATA drives to handle large file performance. The result is an optimized solution that provides reliable performance and availability to support CWRU research efforts.

Rider Usage Updates

Usage of Rider continues to grow with the RedCat transition into extended support mode. Any request for new software packages or feature requests will be installed on Rider alone. RedCat will continue to function as a supported cluster until late spring 2018. If you have not yet logged in to Rider, please do so before the end of the year to ensure that your applications work correctly on the new cluster.

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Advancing Science through Protecting Your Data

There is no silver bullet when it comes to protecting your data from hackers or even accidental file deletion. The unfortunate reality is that addressing these challenges means facing both the technical vulnerabilities in systems as well as those that arise from human behavior and choices. To better protect against hackers and occasional hardware failure, RCCI is conducting a workshop this month to educate researchers about the different information categories used at CWRU and UTech systems that can help with data protection.

If you cannot make it to the workshop and have security related questions, please contact the UTech Information Security Office (ISO) through the service desk at 368-HELP. Protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of our information and information systems is a responsibility we all share. Loss, corruption or inappropriate access to information can interfere with CWRU's mission, interrupt business, damage reputations or result in negative financial consequences.

Case Connection Zone

Case Western Reserve University and OneCommunity launched the Case Connection Zone (CCZ) in 2010 as a short-term research project with the intent to explore the potential applications of high-speed connectivity in health and wellness, energy and smart grid management, neighborhood safety and STEM education. The CCZ continues to provide high bandwidth (one gigabit per second) Internet connectivity to the 104 living units on Hessler Street in University Circle.

RCCI is currently seeking interest among CWRU faculty in making use of the CCZ network and cohort for research and innovation. This includes assistance with developing funding proposals in the areas of data collection from Internet of things (IoT) devices, and from end-users about the benefits of having a given technology on a high-speed network.

An early step in the CCZ assessment process included collecting demographic information from the current CCZ cohort. This research can be downloaded for review.

Please contact Lee Zickel at with any questions.

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Fall 2017

Please view our website for more information on workshops and other training opportunities hosted by RCCI.

Exploring Data Security
Location: Adelbert Hall's Toepfer Room
Date: November 30, 2017
Time: 2:00 P.M. - 3:00 P.M.
Signup Link: 

In this one-hour workshop, ISO and RCCI team members will introduce the information categories in use at CWRU, including human subject research data. Attendees will also learn how to categorize data by sensitivity levels and subsequent options for using UTech resources to protect the data as well as options available for processing research data, and options for further training.

Tinkering with RegEx
Location: Huddle Room 539, Crawford Hall
Date: November 30, 2017
Time: 2:00 P.M. - 3:00 P.M.
Signup Link: 

As with other RCCI "Tinkering" courses, this is a very gentle, hands-on intro to Regular Expressions (RegEx). RegEx is very powerful--we'll be just dipping our toes in!

Spring 2018 Tinkering and Exploring Workshops

Please visit our website for more information about our spring 2018 Tinkering and Exploring offerings.

Tinkering with TEI
Dates: Weekly starting January 30 (11 sessions)
This Tinkering group is designed to introduce faculty, students and staff to the TEI-XML markup language.

Tinkering with Git
Dates: Bi-weekly starting February 1 (6 sessions)
In this workshop we use Git from the Unix Shell. Some previous experience with the shell is expected, but isn’t mandatory. If you are already familiar with Git, either through a terminal interface or GitHub, you probably won't learn much from this!

Exploring Text Encoding + the TEI
Dates: Weekly starting February 2 (2 sessions)
The Exploring TEI Workshop is an opportunity for participants to learn more about the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) from knowledgeable TEI Practitioners. As with all Exploring workshops, this is a tech-free offering.

Tinkering with the Unix Shell
Dates: Bi-weekly starting February 8 (4 sessions)
This Tinkering group is designed to introduce faculty, students, and staff to some basic skills for using the Command Line--in a Unix Shell. If you’re already comfortable manipulating files and directories, searching for files with grep and find, and writing simple loops and scripts, you probably won’t learn much from this!

Exploring Non-Traditional Uses of HPC
Dates: Bi-weekly starting March 7 (4 sessions)
Regardless of your field of study or the nature of your data, computational approaches to analysis can radically change your perspective of your data by providing access to and analysis of a far larger dataset than would be possible without computer assistance. 

These sessions will be tech-free introductions to 'Big Data' topics in fields that may not traditionally have used computational methodologies. There will be four lunchtime meetings during the spring semester.

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