EHMA Newsletter - July 2017
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Message from EHMA Director Usman Khan
Our 2017 Annual Conference marked an important step forward in the journey the Board and Annual General Assembly have set for the European Health Management Association. Orientated as a Membership and Network organisation that is seeking up accelerate the update and implementation of effective practice in health and social care, the Conference saw a greater focus on applied management training and development alongside our tradition of academic research excellence. This was felt through from high level plenary sessions to the introduction of a new training events, led by colleagues at Bocconi University. Yet what struck me again this year was the unique range of participants, drawing together executive healthcare managers from as far afield as Vietnam, policy specialists from the WHO European Observatory on Health Systems and senior health programme leaders from academic institutions such as the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. What draws them together is a common desire to better understand the challenges and opportunities facing health and social care in Europe and beyond and to consider not just the ‘what?’ but also the ‘how?’ with a keen focus on change management and the policy implementation process. Such work will be taken forward through the work of EHMA’s thematic Special Interest Groups, its Programme Directors Group and its Partnership Progamme as we build towards our next Conference in 2018. 

EHMA plays a number of roles in supporting its Members and Member Organisations, one of which is the contribution it makes to European health policy and practice through its membership of international bodies such as the European Commission and the WHO.

The WHO European Centre for Primary Health Care is based in Almaty, Kazakhstan, was established in 2013 to focus on four core pillars: Knowledge Synthesis; Country Support; Policy Analysis and Alliances and networking. The WHO Primary Care Advisory Group was established in 2016 to support the work of the ECPHC and held its first meeting in June 2017. EHMA is one of only a small number of NGOs invited to join this influential group and the Secretariat will ensure that the EHMA Membership are kept informed and involved in its work, in particular through the work of the EHMA Primary Care Special Interest Group, chaired by Dr. Antoni Peris.

Strengthened cooperation on health in Europe and beyond is one of the cornerstones of EHMA, and it represents an important mean to fulfill our mission, focused on enhancing the capacity and capability of health management to deliver high quality healthcare.
EHMA President Anders Wahlstedt, the EHMA Board of Directors and the EHMA Secretariat are glad to announce that EHMA joined other 38 European organisations as co-signatory of a
letter to the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, asking him to reaffirm health as one of the core responsibilities of the EU in the current debate about the future of Europe. This initiative, led by the European Public Health Association and the European Patients Forum, aims to ensure a continued EU action on health, supported by a robust EU health programme under the leadership of a dedicated Directorate in the European Commission.

If you wish to know more about this initiative, please do not hesitate to contact the EHMA Secretariat and visit the
campaign website to sign the petition!

On 1st July 2017, Estonia assumed for the first time the Presidency of the EU Council. Based on the motto ‘Unity through balance’, the six-month Estonian Presidency programme will be focused on four key priorities:
  • An open and innovative European economy;
  • A safe and secure Europe;
  • A digital Europe and the free movement of data;
  • An inclusive and sustainable Europe.
Within this framework, health will play an important role. In particular, the Presidency will focus on alcohol consumption, AMR, medicines and, above all, the digitalisation of healthcare and health data.

Discover more about the Presidency plans about healthcare with our dedicated
overview article, and check out the latest press release following the informal health ministers held in Tallin on 20th July 2017.
Take Action on AMR:
the new EU Action Plan

Following Member States conclusions, the evaluation of the 2011 action plan and a broad open consultation, in June 2017 the Commission adopted the new EU One Health Action Plan against AMR. Besides confirming once more the importance of such an issue at European level, the plan aims to support the EU and its Member States in delivering effective responses to AMR, focussing on three key pillars: making the EU a best practice region; boosting research and innovation; shaping and shaping the global agenda on AMR.

Check out our dedicated article to know more about the plan and to get the latest news from the latest key discussions happening in Brussels.
The future of
health systems


Prompted by the White Paper on the Future of Europe and other emerging issues related to healthcare, the future of health systems has become an increasingly hot topic. A growing aging population in Europe, coupled with health budget cuts, have made it evident that new measures to address these challenges must be discussed and developed. EHMA has been actively engaged with the topic, as shown by the theme of the recently concluded Annual Conference  and the ongoing development of the TO-Reach project that aims to establish the foundation of a joint research programme on health systems.

Read now our overview article on the topic.
Message from the EHMA Young Advisory Committee

The EHMA Young Advisory Committee (YAC) has been working on the Young EHMA network for the past year and now it is time to really start doing things together. The aim of the Young EHMA network is to offer a forum for early career professionals in health management to interact with peers about topics of interest, shared experiences, and career needs.

If you feel that you are in the early stage of your career – whether research, practice, or policy – and would like to be more involved in the Young EHMA network, we would like to welcome you to our
LinkedIn group.

During our 2017 Annual Conference in Milan, we had the pleasure to host three presentations from our currently active EU-funded projects, which cover key areas of the health futures in Europe: integrated care, digital health literacy and health systems research. Representatives from the project consortia, Prof. Mirella Minkman (Vilans, Netherlands) for SUSTAIN, Dr. Stefano Vella (Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Italia) for TO-REACH and EHMA Policy and Project Officer, Michele Calabrò for IC-Health, had the chance to discuss with an expert audience about current state of play and the next steps of the projects implementation.

Know more about
IC-Health, TO-REACH and SUSTAIN by visiting their official websites and sign up to receive regular updates such as the latest edition of the SUSTAIN Quarterly newsletter, and information about the launch of the digital health literacy platform of IC-Health or the results of the project survey on digital health literacy in Europe.
09 - 10 October 2017, Sofia, Bulgaria
Special Fee for EHMA Members

EPHA 2017 Annual Conference - Make Health Your Business
07 September 2017, Brussels, Belgium
10 October 2017, Geneva, Switzerland
01-04 November 2017, Stockholm, Sweden
04-06 October 2017, Bad Hofgastein, Austria
Does your organisation have students looking for professional development opportunities and secondment programmes? Are you an EHMA organisational member? Are your students interested in experiencing health policy and implementation? Then EHMA Students’ Placement Programme can be of interest for you. 

The Placement Programme is addressed solely to recent graduates and/or Masters’ students in public health or related fields. The programme foresees a placement of minimum 8 weeks to a maximum of 6 months at EHMA premises supporting EHMA Secretariat in its daily activities.

To know more about this opportunity, click here or contact us.
The EHMA Team
Usman, Florence, Federica, Michele, Nadia, Sachi, Torben, Yowali
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