EHMA Newsletter - April 2017
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The provisional programme of EHMA 2017 Annual Conference, considering the topic of "Health Futures", is now available. Consider joining this intense three-day event full of discovery, presentations and meetings and take advantage of the early bird rates, standing until 17th April.
Alongside the
Plenary Sessions, providing delegates with high quality presentations by internationally recognised speakers, EHMA 2017 Annual Conference features more than 15 Parallel Sessions. A new development for 2017 will be the "emerging issues in healthcare" Special Sessions, among which "Rural Health", "Mental Health", "E-Health" to name a few. Furthermore, EHMA has Special Interest Groups established in the areas of Health Workforce; Primary Care; Health Futures; and Best Practice in Management. During the Conference each group meets to welcome new interested members, to discuss developments within the specific area of interest and to agree a work programme for the forthcoming year.
The Editor's Pick

In this new feature Federico Lega, Editor in Chief of EHMA HSMR Journal, discusses his monthly editor's pick:
"Where health workforce governance research meets health services management"
by Kuhlmann, Batenburg and Dussault.

Although healthcare is more and more characterised by the intensive use of technology, its next future remains strongly connected to the quality of its workforce. The challenges posed by chronic conditions, and the burden set by rare diseases, increasingly call for skilled professionals at all levels. Unfortunately, forecasts done by EU highlight a deficit of one million healthcare workers by 2020... This scenario opens to new questions on how we'll manage health workforce planning, recruitment and retention. Further, it seems it's time to get serious about changes in the skills mix and competencies of the health workforce. Changes that should be driven by needs-based services management approaches rather than by professional interests. This, and much more, is addressed in the paper by Kuhlmann et al. A must read for all that have interest in health workforce and health systems. 
The Brussels' Bubble

Just a few days after the 60th anniversary of the European Union, United Kingdom’s Prime Minister, Theresa May triggered Article 50 of the EU Treaty, initiating a process that will see the UK to leave the EU no later than April 2019. On the European side, the procedure will involve all the key institutions, starting with European Commission recommendations, European Council guidelines and Decision by May 2017 that will open the 18-months negotiating period. The ‘Brexit’ will undoubtedly have a major impact on a wide range healthcare-related aspects, as migration of healthcare professionals, research and cross-border care. EHMA will dedicate space on the major development of Brexit, so keep reading our newsletter!

Know more about the Article 50 procedure
here and check out the full process timeline. And do not miss EHMA’s Director U. Khan article for University of Birmingham Health Services Management Centre: "Aftershocks: Brexit, partnership and health"
EU Health Policy Discussion
- Self Care -

Findings in the UK have shown that there are around 57 million GP consultations a year for minor ailments, at a total cost to the National Health System (NHS) of £2 billion. These consultations take, on average, an hour a day of every GP's time. As health systems across the EU look to a future of budgetary strains and health professional shortages related to the aging population, patient empowerment and the expansion of self-care provides an interesting solution that could bring benefit to both the patient and health system alike.
Putting the patient in the center - Jan Kimpen
EHMA is delighted to have Philips Chief Medical Officer, Jan Kimpen as a Keynote Speaker at EHMA 2017 Annual Conference.
Jan Kimpen will be the Keynote Speaker at the Closing Plenary Session, on Thursday, 15th June and will speak on the topic of, “Connected care and data innovation: putting the patient in the center”.
More specifically, Jan Kimpen will discuss the way integration of digital technologies, comprising systems, smart devices, software and services are bringing in a new era of precision medicine.; a new era that promises better health outcomes and improved patient experience at a lower cost.
His words at the end of an intense three day of conference will be an exciting finale that will outline challenges and opportunities for healthcare and, without a doubt, leave the delegates with some food for thought.

For our section dedicated to EHMA’s EU Projects, this month we are glad to share with you the official logo and visual identity of IC-Health!
This project, coordinated by The Canary Islands Health Service – Canary Government, aims at developing a series of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS) to help improve the digital health literacy of European citizens. The MOOCS will be developed in 8 languages through a co-creation process that will directly involve representatives from specific population cohorts – children, adolescents, pregnant-lactating women, diabetes patients & elderly people – from 8 EU countries Spain, Italy, Belgium, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and Denmark.

IC-Health is in its initial phase and the consortium is currently carrying out a wide survey to understand how the mentioned population cohorts search for online health information in the project countries and languages. If you want to participate in the survey, please access our
dedicated page on and get in touch with us if you are willing to know more about the project or if you want to take part in the co-creation phase, starting in the coming months.

EHMA is also supporting TO-Reach, a project focused on the Transfer of Organisational innovations and research on Health Services and Systems, led by the Italian National Institute of Health - ISS. The website will be launched soon, start adding it now to your bookmarks!
Events & Calls
10 - 12 May, St. Julian's, Malta
Special fee for EHMA Members

28 - 29 June, Amsterdam, Netherlands
 Limited free tickets for EHMA Members


Last week, EHMA’s Director, Usman Khan and Policy and Project Officer, Michele Calabrò participated in the fifth meeting of the SUSTAIN project in Vienna. The meeting, organised and hosted in Vienna by OEPIA - the Austrian Interdisciplinary Platform on Ageing, gave the consortium an opportunity to meet, discuss and analyse progresses and future strategies of the project, focused on improving integrated care for older people.  

If you are interested in the topic, subscribe to the
SUSTAIN newsletter now to receive the May issue!

EHMA is also glad to announce its Individual membership programme, Young professionals, independent contractors, and retired healthcare professionals are encouraged to join. Visit for more details.
The EHMA Team
Usman, Florence, Aurora, Federica, Nadja, Nathan, Michele
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